The lap of luxury is characterized with the items which bring extravagant style, comfort and pleasure.

The accessories are in discount which make you feel good and also the most expensive thing in the world is something which makes you feel good about that and also it enhances your worth.

While talking about the most expensive thing, different fancy phones, beautiful shoes and exotic cars come in my mind. It includes too many things like chocolate beverages and delicious breakfast. Somethings are very ordinary which becomes extraordinary by including them in this list.

The top ten most expensive things are listed as follows

10) Zillion Dollar Breakfast

Zillion Dollar Breakfast

Net worth

$ 1, 000

The breakfast is special at the diner of your favorite thing which must be précised and must be read correctly to evident the omelet at the Restaurant of Norma in the Le Parker Meridian Hotel of New York.

The price is attributed with the amount of the caviar sevruga and about 10 ounces which are extracted from it. You get about only one ounce in $ 65. The filtration of sevruga is the breakfast which is made the most expensive thing in the world.

9) FleurBurger 5000

FleurBurger 5000

Net worth

$ 5, 000

Real whopper is redefined with the Las Vegas to leave it in the hamburgers which are cooked by the Chef Hubert Keller and the owner was Fleur De Lys in the Bay of Mandalay and also they remain responsible for the most expensive thing which is a decadent burger as well. Patrons enjoy the Fleur burger and a Kobe Beef patty to come in the black truffles side to serve with the truffle which is a brioche. The meal is complete with truffles and this present a bottle as well and also some fries in it as well which remains unconfirmed with the possible outcomes.

8) Diamond Martini

Diamond Martini

Net worth

$10, 000

Variations are very famous and they are in the Martini tradition. The cocktail is made of the vermouth and gin and also it is garnished with lemon twist and olive oil. They serve the olive oil with a splash of olive juice and olive brine to shake the world’s favorite 007.  It is an alternative which is very much friendly with females and also they are the luxurious one. The most expensive thing, Martini, is garnished to give it to the best friend and also précised diamonds are also there which can be presented with the engagement ring of diamond and also it has a crystal glass in it. The price of this drink is consistent and also it is from the menu of Algonquin Hotel’s Blue Bar depends on the diamond ring and is placed in the glass.

7) Frozen Haute Chocolate

Frozen Haute Chocolate

Net worth

$ 25, 000

The price of dessert in New York is $ 25, 000 and this restaurant was on east at the 60th Street to include a high end variation on the traditional hot chocolate in the menu. This is a slush which seems like a desert and is composed of the milk and cocoas and also it infuses with about 24 carat gold in every serve. Whipped cream is at its topping and it experiences gold with the la Madeline Au Truffle to remain with the gold bracelet to give a gold spoon. The dessert is indulgent to be declared with the most expensive thing in the Guinness record.

6) Diamond Massage

Diamond Massage

Net worth

$100, 000

The combine the time of relaxation with the diamonds which are precious one and the massage which is defined with the stressing and self – pampering of the healing process which is embarked with the treatment and is considered with the premium pampering and the specialty massage pinnacle. The treatment is precious and has gemstones in it which are crushed to form powder and also they are applied on the skin to cover it completely with the flecks of diamond. This magnet seems to remove all the gems that are from the surface of skin and also it has minerals of iron in it. the benefits of this treatment is the effect of anti – aging which is helpful for the youthful skin and also it protects skin from the detoxification agent and also it waves the pollution.

5) Hermes Birkin Handbag

Hermes Birkin Handbag

Net worth

$ 1.9 Million

It is not a surprise that this handbag is the most expensive thing which is named as an Olympian God and the Greek God. This is famous for the celebrities, shoulder straps and leather. This status symbol is for opulence and they are responsible for the Birkin Bag creation and are the most important and famous handbag. They are made with the leather and this bag is named with Jane Birkin and its price ranges very high. Its material used in it is very expensive and also the jewelries of this brand are also very high and they go for the gold rocking horse which is tiny in size and is sold at $ 1.9 Million.

4) Harry Winston Ruby Slipers

Harry Winston Ruby Slipers

Net worth

$3 Million

The price is adored and it looks beautiful for its stilettos and also the shoes are very much luxurious and the designers like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin are the most comfortable ones and also designing such pair of shoes is a hell of a task to be done with it. Harry Winston is an American Jeweler who has the most expensive footwear and also it has 4, 600 rubies and also some carats of diamonds.

3) Amour Amour Dog Collars

Amour Amour Dog Collars

Net worth

$3.2 Million

They are used to control the style and identity of the dog collars and pup. They are inexpensive items which are listed in the useful devices. The most expensive dog collar is the price of the world at about $ 3.2 Million. The stud of diamond collar is used with the platinum of 18 carat and a crocodile leather and gold. It is filled with diamonds and gold pieces which look interestingly beautiful in it and they show the blogs at several places.

2) Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno

Net worth

$ 4.5 Million

 Lamborghini designer is celebrating the 50th anniversary and this is the most expensive thing in the whole world. The car is Italian and has a horsepower of 750 and allows the drivers of brave from one to zero and also it has several seconds in it.  the vehicle of special edition is unique and ultra – exotic for the existed world.

1) iPhone 4S Elite Gold

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

Net worth

$ 9.4 Million

IPhone is always considered to be the most expensive phone and the designer of this product is Stuart Hughes who has made this luxury product and it is topped with the phone which is designed with the diamonds that are totaled as 100 carats. The diamond is naturally pink which is said to have been the most expensive thing in the world.


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