Pizzas are the important and popular fast food item which is loved in the whole world by every other person. They taste delicious and also it has a different kind of taste which is known by every person. It is important to consider it the best symbol of the fast food and it is the type of the food that is available in many flavors. The nature and taste is chosen according to its price. The most expensive pizzas are with the brand name like we love the Dominos and McDonalds.

The chefs in this world are making efforts to make the most expensive pizzas and the most delicious ones. Fast food and pizzas are available in the whole world and the quality is always considered as an important symbol.

Some of the most expensive pizzas are listed as follows

10) Kobe Beef Steak Pizza, Domino

Japanese believe about Japan which seems to be the most luxurious fast food and is loved by everyone here and is the most important fast food chain in the world. They also started this Kobe beef pizzeria in the recent times and the price seems to be high for the attractive ad delicious pizza which produces many kind of topping for the customers. The normal toppings are around the world. They are used for the quality which is best and they look attractive and delicious for the production of Domino topping and it costs about $ 72.

9) The Magic Gold, Magic Oven

The most expensive pizzas have different flavors and they are used with the toppings and also they have many other ingredients in it which seem to be the serving style for the expensive nature. It is garnished with the gold leaf and it seems expensive. Many other types of toppings are seen with the taste that is best for the taste of your tongue. This pizza costs about $ 108 which tastes amazing.

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8) The Article e Tartufo, Third Avenue Café in Dubai

The Article e Tartufo, Third Avenue Café in Dubai

Dubai is famous for the world which is popular in tourism and is also helpful for the food. It is the third avenue which has the best pizza in the world and has the topping if truffles and lobsters. It costs about $ 125 and the taste is totally different for it and the ingredients are totally different from one another. The people offered a different taste for the claim of restaurants to sell pizzas in 2012. It is positioned at the comfortable place in Dubai.

7) Triple Mille Feuille Pizza, Domino’s

Triple Mille Feuille Pizza, Domino’s

Domino Pizza is very much popular in the world and it offers many different kinds of pizzas with the edges and crust of stuffed pizza. The filling of cheese in the pizza makes it in three layered and is also among the most expensive pizzas in the world. The cheese is double filled with the cheese and costs about $ 140. It looks tasty and attractive.

6) The C6 Steveston Pizza Company

The most delicious and the different pizzas are introduced in 2012 and have the lobster topping and have got very interesting ingredients. The Steveston pizza is luxurious and rich with its heavy price. The price of pizza is taken most in the restaurant and it costs about $ 450 which is according to the price of pizza.

5) Nino Bellusima, New York

New York is a popular place in the world which has all the food items and they are very much famous as well. Pizzeria crust is always yum and people love it the most. The pizza topping is interesting in comparison to the lobsters and it costs about $ 1, 000 and also it seems very much appealing in the whole world.

4) The World’s Most Expensive Pizza, Margo’s Pizzeria

The most expensive pizzas in the world is kept with its name to make it famous in the world and it is known as to be listed in the Guinness record of world. The pizza topping is luxurious and tasty which adds gold leaf in it and something different is created with it to give it some unique taste which costs about $ 2, 400 and has a high tag of price which is loved by all the people.

3) Haggis, Glasgow, A Domenico Crolla Restaurant

This pizza is the luxurious one which is known to be the famous one and is named as James Bond. This pizza is the most popular and is increased with the dust of gold and pizza topping is enhanced with the soaked lobsters in this champagne to add some taste in it. It costs about $ 4, 200.

2) Favitta’s Family Pizzeria, New York

This is among the most expensive pizzas which are for the lovers and it costs about $ 8, 200 which have a sprinkled diamond topping and it looks amazing. Nobody expects them to change its taste and the diamond price is changed with the pizza cost and it is known as the most luxurious and most expensive one in the whole world.

1) Louis XIII, Salerno, Italy, A Renato Viola Creation

Louis XIII, Salerno, Italy, A Renato Viola Creation

This is known to be the most expensive pizza which takes about 72 hours to prepare the dough and the pizza topping is made with the mozzarella buffalo and the sea salt in pink also. It costs about $ 12, 000 and all the people in this world are not able to afford this one.


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