The rich are becoming richer and it has been proved with the real estate. The super wealthy world has George Clooney’s and Angelina Jolie who have the most expensive house but the CEOs are billionaires and many magnates are wealthier with the peons. The tag of price is not appropriate with the home which leaves it to the way of $ 1 Billion. Some of the buyers Uber – rich which have few touches in personal and they like the helipad and many build a palace for this ground up.

Seven years have been spent with Bill Gates who has about few million dollars in the Xanadu with ultra- nerdy and it overlooks the Lake Washington and seal is personally on in everything that comes with monitoring of high definition and it changes the art of underwater to high technology. The investors are in the neighbors of Ira Rennert and these Hamptons are very happy by building $ 245 Million and also a manse of 110, 000 square foot house.

The most expensive house in the world is listed as below.

10) Beverly House

Beverly House


Beverly Hils, California


$ 135 Million

Beverly House has three blocks which are positioned in the boulevard of Sunset and is marketed currently for about $ 135 Million. In that meantime, $ 600, 000 are paid as rent o the renters to achieve free rein in the property of lux in every month. Flat is of six acres land and also it has slew of small homes which also adds up with a Spanish and Italian style of H – shaped main house. The features of space is 50 – foot in the entry hall, family room with an outer terrace, billiard room, wrap around balcony, large library and a intricately carved ceiling and entry hall. About 400 people can be seated at the facilities of spa, two projection rooms, wine cellar, art deco night club and many others which make it the most expensive house.

The architect designer of this house is Gordan Kaufmann and is built by Milton Getz who is banking executive. William Randolph Hearst is an inspiration of Citizen Kane and publishing of mogul moved and stayed in till his death in 1951. The home became famous for the film roles like “The Bodyguard” and “The Godfather”.

9) Fluer De Lys Mansion

Fluer De Lys Mansion


Los Angeles


$ 102 Million

Fleur De Lys Mansion was sold in March for $ 102 Million and it made the home at highest price to be sold in County of Los Angeles and it was listed for the first time in 2007 to the owners who were original in Suzanne Saperstein and they renovate the divorced and manse. The owner is currently in the anonymous and cash is paid directly to the former junk bond king named Michael Milken who was in the L.A Times. This house is among the most expensive house and it consists of 15 bathroom home and 12 bedrooms which were modeled after the castle of French and was built in 2002 and wine cellar was about 3, 000 square foot with two story library and tasting room and a commercial kitchen with a spacious ballroom and cutlery room.

8) Villa Leopolda

Villa Leopolda


Villefrenche Sur Mer, France


$ 750 Million

Mikhail Prokhoroc is the billionaire of Russia who has bought this Villa Leopoldo in 2008 and it whopped about $ 500 Million and it was equaled with $ 750 Million at that time. Leopold II was the king of Belgium and it was built in 1902 which was given as a gift to a mistress. Edmond Safra is the banker of Lebanese who in 1988 bought an estate and widow was given this in return with the death of Lily Safra in 1999 in arsonist fire. It consists of 14 bathroom villa and 11 bedrooms which is spread over 50 acres. Commercial greenhouse, helipad, pool and outdoor kitchen are in it. “To Catch A Thief” and “The Red Shoes” is famous films which were picturized here in this house.

7) 15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West


New York City


$ 45 Million

Michael Gross is an author of “House of Outrageous Fortune Fifteen central Park West” which is a book and limestone Jesus is called as the Manhattan building and the World’s Most Powerful Address. This city is full of the powerful and affluent residents which include fund boss Daniel Loeb and penthouse is bought with 10, 674 sq. – ft. at the rise of about $ 45 Million in 2008. Rumors are spread for the Loeb who tried to sell this property in $ 100 Million and he was about to do so.

6) Kensington Palace Gardens

Kensington Palace Gardens




$ 89.4 Million

The tycoon of Indian steel is Lakshmi Mittal which calls this palace a Kensington Palace of Garden and it is his home for Taj Mittal. This home was bought in about $ 57 Million for the today’s dollars in $ 89.4 Million from the magnate of English business in 2004 for the Bernie Ecclestone. The nickname of the estate was a kind of joke which renovated Mittal with a marble to source from the quarry pf Taj Mahal. This house is among the most expensive house in the world. This property is lined with trees and it has many high affluent people who have Leonard Blavatnik and Roman Abramovich who own tis property. It has the space of about 55, 000 sq. ft. and about 12 bedrooms and a swimming pool in the ballroom and picture gallery.

5) Penthouse At The Tour Odeon



Monte Carlo, Monaco


$ 400 Million

The shiny and opulent building with 49 stories was built with opened doors and a penthouse which was called to be the most expensive house in the world which opens in 2015 in spring with about 35, 500 sq. ft. and sells about $ 400 Million and this report is according to the CNN Money. The skyscraper is about 560 ft. which seems to be the tallest building in the skyline of Mediterranean after its completion. The features of this penthouse are about 360 degree with the water view and the circular roof is infinite with the water slide.

4) Antilia



Mumbai, India


$ 1 Billion

Antilia is 27 year old story skyscraper on the Road of Altamount in Mumbai and is the most expensive house in the world which values about $ 1 Billion in upward. Mukesh Ambani is the Indian tycoon of business who became the multibillionaire and moved about 400, 000 sq. ft. mansion in 2012 with his children and wife. The property was modern and this was whole designed by Perkins and Will who are the designers. Phantom Island was named with the features of Atlanta in the garage of multistory for about 168 cars and three helipads and gardens, home theater, a health level and guest suites.

3) Xanadu 2.0

Xanadu 2.0


Medina, Washington


$ 125.5 Million

Bill Gates is the co – founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world who took about seven years in custom building of Xanadu in the modern rustic high tech valued estate at about $ 125.5 Million. The title character is built with Citizen Kane. It is to build the hill and the personal preferences like lighting of a room and temperature which appears on the monitors of high definition within the property and this library is sq. ft. to the dome ceiling and also the reception hall is about 6, 300 sq. ft. which undergoes the garage and many other amenities.

2) Palazzo Di Amore

 Palazzo Di Amore


Beverly Hills, California


$ 195 Million

Mogul is a real estate with listed Greene which has about 25 acres of land it is known to be the most expensive house in the world and its style is villa type and has a space of about 53, 000 sq. ft. and a ballroom with revolving floor of dance and the swimming pool was consisted of the waterfalls and a garage and 23 bathrooms and tennis court.

The property accommodates all the parties with about 1, 000 people who spends their time in the meandering of vineyards and gardens with the production of property to walk with these flowing glasses and these walkways are made with olive trees.

1) Fair Field

Fair Field


Sagaponack, New York


$ 249 Million

Fair Field is the most expensive house in the whole world which has been known for its beautiful land and also the investment made on this land by the owner. The land is valued about $ 248.5 Million and sprawls the estate with billionaires to be controversial and also start with the nearby residents in the home. This house consists of 39 bathrooms and 29 bedrooms which has power plants as well and the synagogue and swimming pools as well. It has a bowling alley and a basketball court.


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