Many are the things which have both negative and physical aspects which depend on the person use. Guns are also very important for the aspects which have people bad for its life and the features which are special for the most expensive gun. Every person wants to have guns which have been designed especially for the special people. They are available in different shapes and sizes and also it causes death of the people. The features are available in the safety tips of shooting and mostly people like to have rifles for them because it makes them feel secure and loved. They are also responsible for the death of people and some more time is to be spent to manufacture it from steel, wood and also some more materials. Criteria are different for the guns and most expensive gun is seen completely with the specific features.

Some of the most expensive gun is listed as follows

10) Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop Lock Side by Side Double

Westley Richards 4 Bore Drop Lock Side by Side Double


$ 67, 000

Westley Richard is known for the guns which are perfect for the world and they were introduced for the first time in 1897. It was launched with the locks that were detachable and the design was the famous one in this. The jewels were seven in number and they were extended further in the estimation of about $ 67, 000. This gun has special features which were

9) Holland & Holland Royal Side By Self Side Opener

Holland & Holland Royal Side By Self Side Opener


$ 124, 000

The best model of Holland is introduced in 1883 and there were different magazines to be advertised in 1895. They are attracted with the world’s audience. The plates have features which look different and also they trigger in it effectively. It is also known to be the most expensive gun in the world which makes it beautiful and attractive and Turkish design is given to the wood and it costs about $ 124, 000.

8) William & Son Side lock

William & Son Side lock


$ 125, 000

William & Son is the start of brand which produces guns and they are for people who are from 1999. The model is unique and they come up with the scrolling deeply with the engraftment and they show a high value of the people due to their quality. Many modifications have been made for the sizes and bigger ones to be handled with wood and they stud hinge and remain available with the 20 bore and 12 which produces in this company about the guns.

7) Purdey Side by Side

Purdey Side by Side


$ 136, 000

Purdey Side by Side is the steel gun of tradition and they are made with the designs that are classic and they come in many different sizes and shapes but the most expensive gun is the most wanted one and has got many special features. It is targeted to achieve something useful and also somethings which have quality in increased form. Big shots are also targeted with this gun and they enhance the quality of the gun.

6) Greener Side lock

Greener Side lock


$ 173, 000

Greener side lock is amazingly pretty and also very much expensive and is not affordable for many of the people and they are made with special care and have many features which are offered with an extra pair of barrels and the models seem to have many different pairs. They are produced with the box locks and have special commissioners and have attractive designs in it for the people.

5) Holland & Holland Royal Over & Under

Holland & Holland Royal Over & Under


$ 175, 000

Holland and Holland Royal is the gun which is the most famous and also they are started in this field in 1835. The new models are launched after some time period which also gets launch in 1992 and they become latest with the afforded prices and they become expensive as well with the touch of wood to handle the look completely. It is known to be the most expensive gun and they manufacture about 80 guns in every year.

4) Purdey Over & Under

Purdey Over & Under


$ 180, 000

Audrey is the brand of gun which was taken a place in 1814 and wood was handled with a gun and they rank at 2nd for the modifications in the guns and they become the best manufacturers for being the manufacturers of guns. The demand of gun completes in this time and they take about 24 months for this. It is not so easy to afford this and it becomes expensive in this case. The most expensive gun has too much demand in the market.

3) Boss Over & Under

Boss Over & Under


$ 182, 000

Boss is the brand of gun which was started in 1812 and it became an influential brand which produced guns with the touch of modern time and it took over in Germany with the locking system of guns. The gun was inspired with the copies of historical time and they increased with its single trigger. The price was estimated to be high and the models were known for its complex manufacturing.

2) Peter Hofer Side Lock

Peter Hofer Side Lock


$ 7.2 Million

Peter Hofer is the most expensive gun to be known and it is manufactured with the most innovative ideas and they create all the guns which suit best for the world and they are known to be manufactured with the tubes which are hidden and they are specified as the most important people in the world to produce such. It is the style of German and they take all the people with their style of guns.

1) Fabbri Over & Under



$ 7.5 Million

This is the most expensive gun in the world which seems beautiful and also it looks attractive. It was manufactured in Italy for the first time and it was made with the best artisans to manufacture steel and they become a precious diamond for the resistant gun and they make about $ 7.5 Million.


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