Here we have the list of top most expensive flowers with its pictures and names. Beauty is liked by every person because it has so many natural effects and it becomes a peaceful and beautiful place. It has different shapes and colors which also becomes the natural part of the world. It becomes a gift for someone who is enjoying it. Many are the occasions which make it wonderful for the events like flowers, birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Weddings do not complete without the rarity in the world. Flowers are always a natural kind of attraction for people who get attracted towards them. Purchasing of flowers is changed with the events that are special.

Some of the most expensive flowers are listed as follows

10) Lisianthus


Lisianthus is the floret which blooms beautifully and has diameter of about 5 cm. The height is about 20 to 60 cm and it has oval and wide shaped pearls. Many are the colors in it including purple, white, blue and violet. The flowers are long lasting and it is cut through its stem and is decorated with the three weeks. The color of the floret is famous which is decorated with the most famous florets and also it has paper florets. It costs about $ 12 – 35 for each bundle. This painting looks like an original flower.

9) Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley

The most expensive flowers include this small and unique one which has got an amazing smell which seems to be a bit poisonous. It is the most popular which is bell shaped and delicate. It grows at about 10mm and the height is 15 to 30 cm. This floret is about few weeks and is famous for its look. In this month of May, they start to bloom. The maintenance charges are very high and it costs about $ 15 and 50 for each bundle.

8) Hydrangea


Hydrangea is popular for its color and shape and it grows about 3 meters above in many other colors which make it look blue, purple, pink and violet. The first choice is for the people who put efforts in harvesting and cultivation. It costs about $ 6.5 which seems to be quite expensive.

7) Gloriosa


Gloriosa is among the most expensive flowers which grow in Asia and South Africa. Long leaves are here which are with long tendrils and they support the weight of stand. The colors look beautiful and they seem to be different from canter to tip. There are many colors for these different and beautiful shades of yellow, green and red. It costs about $ 6 – $ 10 for each flower. Its design is also unique from the others.

6) 17th Century Tulip Bulb


The most popular floret is in this world which is due to the shape and people start to love the pearls and colors also. They are considered as the most beautiful flowers which seem to be unique as well and also they are the status symbol which proves to be the floret in the historical world. This is not too much beautiful and it costs about $ 5, 700.

5) Saffron Crocus


Saffron flower is popular in the whole world and its spice is also very much popular which shows the color in purple and also it has yellow stamen. It seems attractive as well. The spice seems expensive and also it demands for the most beautiful saffron flowers and it is time for the cultivation to use the largest spice in the world. It costs about $ 1200 – $ 1500 for every pound. The colors are mixed with the red, yellow and purple. It seems attractive as well for its florets in it.

4) Gold of Kinabalu Orchid


The flower is rare and beautiful which enhances the price and the cultivation in the Malaysian Park of Kinabalu. It seems the most beautiful and also has the green petals on it which looks too much attractive as well. It is expensive and rare as well which gives it the name of Kinabalu gold. The shape is different and it is not seen everywhere which costs about $ 6, 000 for every other piece.

3) Shenzhen Nongke Orchid


The flowers are unique and they are made with the experiment of hands of man and it also takes about 8 years in its completion to observe the growth. This flower was sold at a very high price and they are good with their appearance and uniqueness. It costs about 1.68 Million which seems expensive.

2) Juliet Rose


He flowers seem beautiful and they are introduced with the flower show of Chelsea in 2006. The most expensive flowers were stolen from the show for its beauty and look. It took about 15 years. It seems beautiful and elegant which costs about $ 15.8 Million.

1) Kadupul Flower


The most precious and rare flower is quite unique in the world and it causes too much damage for it. The flower is specifically looking like the cactus. It blossoms and it smells amazing. The span of time is quite short and it takes few hours as well. The flower is priceless and has white color in it to make it look elegant.


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