The most famous strategy of the games is in this world for centuries. The globe is millions away and they are the professionals of this season and they enjoy all the games which are classic and are in board but the most expensive chess set has the specific features which are not known by every other person but they take too much time to increase the difficulty in learning and this mystery game is the experience of extensive playing.

Chess was originated with about 100 percent and it went back to the history in about 1, 500 years. The game is played with the minimum set of chess and they have equipment which are luxurious and pay a lot of amount for the most expensive chess set. They are created with the most expensive ones.

Some of the most expensive chess set are listed as follows

10) Medieval Venice Chess Set Cost: $ 30, 545


Cost: $ 30, 545

Pianki as offered some chess set which are artistic as well and they have total pieces of solid bronze and they are plated with about 24 carat silver and gold.

These pieces are detailed extremely with the three dimensions and this chess set is very famous in history as well. It is made possible for the culture to follow this tradition of chess sets.

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9) Renault F1 Team Collection Chess Set Cost: $ 42, 000


Cost: $ 42, 000

This chess set is wonderful and same materials are used to make a Renault car formula which includes titanium, aluminum and a stainless steel. It is considered to be among the most expensive chess set for its beautiful design. This piece of chess set is like a shape of snake and also it makes the sittings of cockpit and hubs where the board of carbon is traction in design with the players for illusion to drive the race trace with opponent.

8) Silver Jubilee Chess Set Cost: $ 77, 880


Cost: $ 77, 880

Silver Jubilee Chess Set is manufactured in 1970 in the Queen Elizabeth honor in Silver Jubilee. This was composed of silver and gold. The group has no price and this set version is always available in the market.

7) Carolingians & Moors Chess Pieces Cost: $ 96, 075


Cost: $ 96, 075

The chess set of Pianki’s ornate is ensemble with moors and Carolingian which seems to be extremely great and the metals used in this make a great set of chess.

The pieces of chess are composed by the Piero Benzoni and these pieces are made of the foot which is of small size and they are made of the gold and are plated with bronze and it becomes the most expensive chess set in the world.

6) Carolingi XIV Chess Set cost $ 113, 580


Cost: $ 113, 580

The most popular one in them is the Piero Benzoni which also makes it visible while warring with the Carolingians and Ottoman Turks in the latest ninth century and these statuettes are composed of the meticulously dressed, silver and gold style to be précised with it.

5) Baccarat Crystal Chess Set Cost: $ 287, 684


Cost: $ 287, 684

Baccarat Crystal Set was created on the 250th anniversary which also includes all the limited edition pieces of chess set to be handled to clear the cut and also the crystals in midnight. This is considered among the most expensive chess set in the world.

4) Royal Diamond Chess Set Cost: $ 600, 000


Cost: $ 600, 000

This set of chess was manufactured in 2004 and it contained all the goods of the company in Charles Hollander and the chess set was made of diamond which seemed extremely beautiful. It took too much time and the masterpiece was created with it which was about 4, 500.

3) J. Grahl Chess Set Cost: $ 700, 000


Cost: $ 700, 000

The chess set was manufactured with the family of Cole and it was sold in silver and gold figures which has too many carats in it and weighed about a pound. They were fashioned in the Europeans that were in medieval lands.

2) Art of War Chess Set Cost: $ 750, 000art-of-war-chess-set

Cost: $ 750, 000

This the masterpiece which has been designed for the Victor Schartein’s Art of War and is a chess set which is composed of the gold in solid and has studs like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.

1) Jewel Royale Chess Set Cost: $ 9.8 Million


Cost: $ 9.8 Million

Jewel Royals Chess Set is the most expensive chess set which is in the Great Britain and is composed of the black pearls, white, emerald, rubies, sapphires, diamonds and platinum.


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