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Barbie premiers mostly with the Mattel executives and they find faith in the concept of toy. The brainchild of Barbie is the Handler of Ruth. The actual founder of the most expensive Barbie is Elliot Handler and Mattel is his co – founder. Barbie was watched playing the role of the daughter with the paper dolls and she thought to name her doll as her daughter’s name. Husband was approached with the company toy to become interested in this idea. The family of handler was taken to a trip to Europe and it then changed.

German doll was seen by Handler in Europe and a doll named Bild Lilli was seen as a character of comic book. The blonde woman is pretty which is got in world by a man and it became hit in children to dress up exactly like what was there for her. The clothing designers and toy engineers did it with the reality and this Barbie was in it for a long time. This Bild Lilli was bought by Mattel and German dolls discontinued it in 1964. They bought the most expensive Barbie.

Barbie was released first with the variations of hundreds of dolls and they remained with the Stacie, Todd and Skipper which started over years to collect Barbie dolls and they remained valuable. Some of them are custom made and some are made in general.

Some of the most expensive Barbie is listed as follows

10) Barbie Mila Fashion

Barbie Mila Fashion

Model: 2010

Cost: $ 127.50

Barbie is a part of fashion which collects all the dolls and they are named as “Gold Label” and have Silkstone body. The collector of adult was marketed at early stage for her dress which always fit on her being the baby doll. The doll was sold for Mila on eBay to be listed for the websites to collect it.

9) Bob Mackie Empress Bride Barbie

Bob Mackie Empress Bride Barbie

Model: 1992

Cost: $ 221.50

Bob Mackie is the fashion designer who did series of the Empress Bride and Bride with the series in fifth. Ultimate bride was considered as the gorgeous brocade of ivory in golden gown with patterns in layers with the pearls and they were accented with choker to be placed in new condition in boxes. It is considered among the most expensive Barbie. They are prepared with the shells and also the bidders are in the first place for $ 200.

8) Tokidoki Tattoo Barbie Doll

Tokidoki Tattoo Barbie Doll

Model: 2011

Cost: $ 256

The Barbie doll was the most controversial variation of Mattel and also it was the favorite bombshell of America who was blonde as well. Long blonde hair was given hairs with short pink. The preppy fashion of her was in skulls of black color and they are put on shelves to increase its demand. Many people want it in miniskirts and also with the short tops and they become expensive.

7) Live Action Christie Barbie Doll

Live Action Christie Barbie Doll

Model: 1971

Cost: $ 281

Christie was the Barbie doll of American and Africa. She was not having her won wardrobe to have all clothes and she explored all the outfits from it and then she showed few variations in it for the sake of Christie doll in the Live Action. This doll was dressed up in purple and orange dress which had stomach baring fuchsia and threads shoes. It is among the most expensive Barbie in the world.

6) Barbie Brass Compact


Model: 1959

Cost: $ 330

Barbie Brass runs in the compact of Roman collection of Holiday and they find it in the gold mine. The Holiday of Roman ensemble it for whole one year and it was sold in various prices which also depended on these conditions. The compacts of Brass were in the mint condition to be sold for more money. The buyers wanted it badly for all the crazy things and its shape was tiny.

5) Put Ons & Pets Kitty Kapers


Model: 1972

Cost: $ 500

The Put – Ons and pets were in a series to be shown with the ensemble pets to have extremely true in the rare list to be auctioned for the price tag that were in the heavy price tag which remained in the list of the most expensive Barbie. The collection of this vintage was full of shirt and skirt. It also includes dogs variations in it.

4) Barbie, Ken & Midge on Parade

Barbie, Ken & Midge on Parade

Model: 1964

Cost: $ 500

The three dolls were collected in it named Midge, Ken and Barbie. They were dressed beautifully like a cheerleader. This doll is legged with straight faces and also they were printed on the vintage of classic face. It purchased the components of every individual and they remained completely in the sets to be sold for the condition of mint and the box. This was the price of the doll.

3) Barbie Japanese Outfit


Model: 1967

Cost: $ 510

Jackie Kennedy was an icon of fashion in 1960 in the world when Barbie had no expectation with the outfit of Japanese to come in pillbox hat and also the set was priced with the new box of brand in the particular way. It opens up with the new brand box with the exceeded building to be opened up with the whole set of pieces which were missing in the hands of the doll. It was considered to be the most expensive Barbie in the world.

2) Pink Splendor Barbie

Pink Splendor Barbie

Model: 1997

Cost: $ 900

The doll costs very high which is sold at the Pink Splendor in the dress and it was made with 24 K gold. They were trimmed with the pink satin and were trimmed with gold. It contained Austrian crystals and they were depreciated in its look for the value and the technology was about thousand dollars.

1) The Original Barbie

The Original Barbie

Model: 1959

Cost: $ 27, 450

The original Barbie was the most expensive Barbie in the whole world and was the most valuable one as well. It was having blonde hair and white swimsuit was worn by her and she was with ponytail. The revolution of doll was known with the fact that controversies always make up the Barbie in original condition for the expos collector.



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