Mike Wolfe


Net worth

$ 5 million


Mike Wolfe net worth is $5 million. He is famous American TV show host, entrepreneurship and businessman. He has a very serious level of craze for bikes, when he was in his school he started collected bikes parts from his neighborhood those were thrown in garbage. He said in interview that he has to skip schools many times to collect bikes material and digging the land to take out the material that was put down by the people. He moved across the country to collect the antique parts of the bikes and then he tried to assemble the bike which he gave the name of Tank bike. But unfortunately his apartment got fire and all the material he collected burnt and vanished. So after that he moved to collect all the things again and joined an American picker which is show about antique archeology.

Biography of Mike Wolfe

Mike Wolfe was born on November 11, 1964 in Joliet, Illinois, United States of America. He got his early education from the area school but his interest was not in studies instead he was more interested in collecting the antique parts especially of bike. He worked on his interest and collected bikes part from all over the country and later he opened his own bike shop. He is good looking, charming and handsome man with an average height of 6 feet and weight of 81kg. He is currently hosting a show which is related to collection of antique things across the country which on airs on a TV with the name of American Pickers.

  • Complete Name: Mike Wolfe
  • Nick Name: Mike, Miki, Wolfe
  • Birth: November 11, 1964
  • Born at: Joliet, Illinois, United States of America
  • Height: 6 feet 0 inch
  • Weight: 81 kg
  • Relationship Status: Married to Jodi Faeth
  • Children: One (Charlie Faeth Wolfe)
  • Education: Corresponding school
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: TV personality, show host, Entrepreneurship
  • Wealth Source: TV and business

Apart from his professional life his personal life is going ahead with smooth living. He is married with Jodi Faeth and both are very happy with each other. In an interview Mike Wolfe said they have found them best for each other. The couple lives in a beautiful house in Le Claire, Lowa with their child whose name is Charlie Faeth Wolfe. Major sources of Mike Wolfe net worth are business of bikes and his Show American Pickers.

Earning sources of Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf net worth is $5 million which comprises of his salary from American pickers and his profit sharing from the TV show as he is the producer of that show along with Mark Poertner. Along with this show he is involved in bikes business. These bikes are not just bikes but Mike Wolfe has made these bikes after picking the antique things from across the country. These are the few of the major sources of Mike Wolfe earnings, other sources of his earnings are discussed below.

  • Apart from bikes Mike Wolfe owns a bicycle shop which became very popular and within no time he was capable of opening another shop of bicycles. But tragedies are always along with Mike Wolfe and his first store got fire and the bikes burnt which gave Mike biggest loss and he lost his financial strength much. This made him a full time picker who again started moving across the country in search of antique things. Mike Wolf himself is a very good cyclist who can have C3 and C4 grades in cycling.
  • Apart from cycling and bikes parts collection and his business he has written 2 books one on American pickers which is basically a guide for the picker and the second one are about kid pickers.
  • As he is a picker so the picked things are not sold wholly and not wholly used but he kept few of things with him these are also his assets which could be estimated in Mike Wolfe net worth.

Comparison of Mike Wolfe net worth

Mike Wolfe is TV personality so we will consider other TV show host and celebrities in comparison in order to get net worth standing of Mike Wolfe among others. We have collected information about other TV personalities net worth and compared it with Mike Wolfe the results of the comparison are given below.

  • Jimmy Kimmel net worth is 7 times greater than total assets of Mike Wolfe
  • Gayle King net worth is 4 times greater than Mike Wolfe
  • Cat Deeley net worth is 3.6 times greater than Mike Wolfe
  • Tom Bergeron net worth is 3 times greater than Mike Wolfe
  • Chris Harrison net worth is almost the double about the assets of Mike Wolfe
  • Jenny McCarthy net worth is double than the assets of Mike Wolfe

The above comparison shows that the reality show hosts have higher income and net worth as compare to the Mike Wolfe net worth. This might be due to the program nature or the loss he has bared in fire of his apartment and bicycle shop.


Mike Wolf net worth is $5 million which is quite lower as compared to other TV reality show hosts but his show is of quite different nature and the comparison actually doesn’t suits on it. He is hosting and doing as show named with American Pickers who go to the areas of the country to find and pick the antique things which were sent to scrap. He is quite interested in picking the things related to bikes. He also wrote two books and is doing a business of bicycle shop. All these sources made his net worth $5 million.


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