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$ 6 million


Mike Jones net worth is $6 million. He is famous American singer, rapper and song writer. He started his career in early 2000s and he is famous for his different styles of raps among Americans. Before coming into the music industry his net worth was zero and he was doing multiple odd jobs to cover his expenses and day to day operations. He worked in warehouses and compact international as a loader and he was involved in selling mobile phones from his apartment and later he turned himself into drug dealer and drugs seller. He was selling marijuana to support his family financially and to earn bread and butter. Due to all this his family and he personally was not happy and his mother gave him the idea to sing and try the rap genre. He is thankful to his mother who pushes him towards the path from where he has earned $6 million in net.

Biography of Mike Jones

Mike Jones was born on January 6, 1981 in Houston, Texas, United States of America to a poor family. His family was in severe financial crisis before his entry into the music industry. He got his early education from the corresponding school and started working to support his family in the little age. He turned up into a giant guy with height of 6 feet 5 inch and weight of 140kgs when grown up. He was interested in joining basketball team but his aim got vanished due to financial and different other reasons. After that he started his career in music in 2000 and signed a deal with a company named Swishahouse and later he started his own production house. He started singing his solo and recorded it in his own production house which was known as Ice-age.

  • Complete Name : Michael Jones
  • Nick Name: Mike, Jones, Mike Jones
  • Birth: January 6, 1981
  • Born at: Houston, Texas, United States of America
  • Height: 6 feet 5 inch
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Relationship Status: Unknown
  • Children: Unknown
  • Education: Corresponding education
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Occupation: Rapper, singer, songwriter
  • Wealth Source: Music

Mike Jones music career is in front of us we know all his ups and downs in it but on the other hand his personal life is not known his love life or his dating life is still a secret. We have analyzed that he is good at keeping secrets and there are no rumors about his affairs and marriage on media like other celebrities. Anyways his earnings are quite impressive and he gained lot of fame from music career so music is the main source of Mike Jones net worth of $6 million.

Timeline of Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones net worth is $6 million which is not earned at once. He has earned from different music albums, endorsements and ads. Before discussing that which source has given him the most amount of money it’s necessary to discuss his year wise earning that how much he has earned in total for each year. What are the major sources and what is the trend in Mike Jones net worth? Look at the details of his yearly earnings timeline given below for answers of these questions.

  • Mike Jones net income in year 2012 was $2 million
  • In 2013 his income jumped $1 million and his net worth stood at $3 million
  • In 2014 his net worth increased with slow pace and roused only $0.5 million totaling $3.5 million
  • 2015 was a lucky year for Mike Jones as his net worth increased $1.5 million and totals $5 million
  • Current net worth of Mike Jones in 2016 is $6 million

A constant rise in Mike Jones net worth can be seen but the ups and downs remained with him and his earning pace decreased in 2016 and he is still going on with a slow pace.

Earning sources of Mike Jones

Mike Jones earning sources are not stick to music just, he has received income from endorsements, ads and other appearances but no doubt music played a major role in boosting his earnings. Details of Mike Jones earnings are shown below.

  • “Country Thuggin” brought $0.5 million to his accounts
  • $0.37 million were added additionally from the sales of “American dream”
  • “Where is Mike Jones” added $0.34 million to his net worth
  • $0.3 million were added from sales of “The voice”
  • “Who is Mike Jones” was his bestselling album which added $1.7 million to his net worth

Comparison of Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones started from zero and earned $6 million in 6 years with an average of million a year. There are very few in the history of American music who has achieved success and wealth with such a pace in very short time span. We have compared him with famous American rappers and results of the comparison are presented in the lower section.

  • Damian Marley net worth is 3 times greater than Mike Jones
  • The Game net worth is 4 times greater than Mike Jones
  • T-Pain net worth is 5 times greater than Mike Jones
  • Rick Ross net worth is 7 times greater than Mike Jones
  • I net worth is 9 times greater than Mike Jones
  • Nicki Minaj net worth is 10 times greater than Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones net worth is very lower as compared to other famous rappers but we are talking about pace of his earnings and length of his career. His career is very short and in this short career he has achieved $6 million figure which is not bad at all.


Mike Jones net worth is $6 million. He is famous for his different styles of rap in his music albums. His sign and tagline for his fans is his shirts on which “Who! Mike Jones” is printed. Major sources of his net worth are music, endorsement and appearances in different ads.


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