Michael Jordan


Net Worth

$ 1.1 billion


How reached Michael Jorden in the list of Billionaires? Michael Jordan Net Worth crossing $1 billion…..

A basketball player, legend, Michael Jordan, with his astonishing abilities and physically fitness who also got a big break in entrepreneurship with Nike and other companies. Although, he not won championship in basketball over a decade.

Born on: 17 Feb, 1963

Born in: New York City, USA

Profession: Athlete, Entrepreneurship, Spokesperson, Actor, Basketball Player

Famous for: Basketball Player

Startup career

Michael Jordan is considered one of the most popular and expensive athlete of his generation in the 80’s to 90’s in NBA (national basketball association). In beginning of 1980’s Michael Jordan became member of NBA and after that joined Chicago Bulls. Jordan also gained the popularity with different nick names like His Airness, Air Jordan and also well known as a defensive basketball player.

Michael Jordan Net Worth from NBA salary:

In 1984, beginning of career in NBA, Michael Jordan Salary was not more but that amount was enough to expand his wealth that was not more than a million. After that salary was reached $33 million in 1997 that was the top ranking salary in worldwide salary chart.

Endorsement and other source of income:

Glorious success in basketball which reached the wealth of stunning Michael Jordan at top in many business deals to big companies like Coca Cola, Nike, Gatorade, McDonalds and some others.

1n 1991, Michael Jordan signed a 10 years big deal with Gatorade. This major proportion, more than $13 million, also increased the Michael Jordan Net Worth at that time.

In 2013, Michael Jordan Net Worth reached near about $80 million.at that time many other companies Five Star fragrance, Gatorade, Nike, Coca Cola and Upper Deck. And now annually earnings reach at $60 million.

Impact of family life on Michael Jordan Net Worth:

The ball game icon tied the knot first time in September, 1989 with Juanita Vanoy. But unfortunately after 13 years, the marriage was dissolved in 2002. Even the couple has tried to save the marriage but in 2006 after mutual consent finally it was annulled. After divorced Michael gave $168 million to Juanita as alimony.

Once again Michael Jordan turned to marry his girlfriend. She was in relationship to Jordan from couple of years.

Michael Jordan Net Worth sources:

  • Earnings from Nike endorsements: 63%
  • NAB Salary:   5%
  • Other endorsements:  32%

No doubt basketball made him a legend but his popularity took him in the list of billionaires. You can put the example of egg and chicken.

Gross up income

  • Ball Game salary: $9,605,500
  • Deals to Nike: $11,585,000
  • Counter signatures: $581,200,000
  • Other entrepreneurs ventures: $20,000,000
  • Total earnings: $1,855,755,000
  • Investment:   $326,528,107
  • Michael Jordan Net Worth:       $1,062,335,000

Michael Jordan Net worth V/s other well-known personalities:

  • Net worth of Donald Trump is less 1/5th times from Jordan’s worth
  • Net worth of Hillary Clinton is less 33 times from Jordan’s worth
  • Net worth of Tiger Woods is less 30 times from Jordan’s worth
  • Net worth of LeBron James is less 5 times from Jordan’s worth
  • Net worth of Taylor Swift is less 3 times from Jordan’s worth

Jordan’s investment in different businesses:

Jordan sign many big deals with famous companies included 2k sports Bobcats, Presbyterian Healthcare, rookie, Johnson and Hanes. He earns $74 million revenue per day from his latest “Gamma blue” sneaker and $60 million annually income from Nike. In Bobcats he has 89% holdings this is the major investment which made him billionaire.

Earnings from movies and entertainment:

Michael Jordan net worth also increased from movies and add. In 1996 his famous work in Space Jam from which he had paid $20 million at that time. Similarly he act upon many advertisement. As a spokesperson Jordan earns a decent amount of money from very well-known companies like Coca Cola, MacDonald’s, Nike, Gatorade, Hanes, Reyovak and many others.

Brief history of Michael Jordan Net Worth:

Yearly Net worth

  • Net Worth in  1984 was $ 0.5 million
  • Net Worth in  1985 was $1.5   million
  • Net Worth in  1988 was $13    million
  • Net Worth in  1995 was $103  million
  • Net worth in   2001 was $261  million
  • Net Worth in  2007 was $502  million
  • Net Worth in  2013 was $825  million
  • Net Worth in  2014 was $899  million
  • Net Worth in 2015 was  $979  million
  • Net Worth in 2016 is      $1.1   billion


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