Megan Kelly


Net worth

$ 15 million


Megan Kelly net worth is $15 million. She is a TV talk shows host and a political reporter who standout amongst the most unmistakable faces on the Fox Channels and one of the greatest names in US media. She earned her Juris Doctor at the Albany Law School where she was additionally a partner editorial manager, Albany Law Review magazine. She was already called Megyn Kendall due to her previous marriage. Before she was enlisted by a partner of ABC News in Washington, D.C., she filled in as a partner in a law office inside Chicago, and as a lawyer for Experian at Jones Day. Kelly was employed as a task correspondent by the ABC News associate in Washington. She has partaken in uncommon task reporting, for example, the 2004 presidential decision scope, the Beltway expert rifleman assaults, and affirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. what’s more, Chief Justice John G. Roberts. Major sources of Megyn Kelly net worth are her earnings from reporting and salary and shows she host for political comments.

Biography of Megyn Kelly

Megan Kelly

Megyn Kelly was born on November 18, 1970 in Syracuse, New York, United States. Her parents are Edward Kelly and Linda Kelly and she is the littler one among her siblings. His father is a trainer in one of the top ranking universities of the America “State University of Albany” in the New York and her mother is a home contractor and builder. She started her early education from Tecumseh Elementary School and after that she moved to Albany, New York with her family where she became student of Bethlehem Central High School. Megyn Kelly received a degree of Jurist doctorate from the Albany graduate school.

  • Complete Name : Megyn Marie Kelly
  • Nick Name: Kelly
  • Born: November 18, 1970
  • Birth place: Syracuse, New York, United States
  • Height: 5 feet 6 inch
  • Weight: 54 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Douglas Brunt (prior Denial Kendal and divorced in 2006)
  • Children: Three (Edward yates Brunt, Yardley Evans and Thatcher Bray)
  • Education: Albany graduate school, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: News anchor and TV host
  • Wealth Source: News and TV

Megyn Kelley got married with Daniel Kendall On September 29, 2001 who is anesthesiologist by profession. But due to some issues the marriage was broken and got divorced in 2006. Megan again decided to start her life from new point and got married with Douglas Brunt in 2008 who is CEO of Authentium. After some time Brunt turned himself into a writer that is his interest from childhood. Both are living happily since they got married and have three children naming Edward Yates and girl Yardley Evans and boy Thatcher Bray. Major sources of Megyn Kelly net worth are salary from news channel and Talk shows over the channels and reporting’s over incidents.

Sources of Megan Kelly net worth

Megan Kelly

Megyn Kelly net worth is $15 million and major sources of her net worth is his salary from his reporting and talk shows. She is in Fox news which one of the most popular news channels in America. Some of the important details of the Megyn Kelly earnings from her job are listed below.

  • He base Salary is averaged at $250,000
  • Her Annual Salary is almost $9 million
  • Her Salary increases almost $2-3 million every year
  • She is now looking to compete Bill O Reilly whose Salary is $18 million per annum
  • According to news she is going to leave Fox news channel when she will get any offer above $18 million per year

These are the major sources of income for Megyn Kelly and which increases her net worth. Moreover she has a brilliant tong and stunning looks she needs only a microphone to speak on any hot issue. She is famous for her reporting on different hot issues like Supreme Court matter, high criminal cases and recently presidential elections. Due to her fox channel rating is increased and her show comes in the top rating talk shows of America. Moreover she is listed in top 100 most influential persons of America.

Comparison of Megyn Kelly net worth

You might be thinking that Megyn Kelly is not the only news reporter and TV anchor so why she is so much popular. The reason is her tong and she is stunning in speaking like her stunning looks. For more details we have compared her net worth with other famous news reporter and Talk show hosts results of which are given below.

  • Erin Andrews net worth compared to Megyan Kelly is 5 times smaller
  • Diane Sawyer net worth is $80 million which is 5 times greater than Megyn Kelly
  • Jenn Sterger net worth is 10 times littler than Megyn Kelly assets
  • Megyn Kelly net worth is 5 times greater than Lara Logon net worth
  • Maria Menounos net worth is about half compared to assets of Megyn Kelly
  • Matt Lauer net worth is almost 5 times greater than assets of Megyn Kelly
  • Jake Tapper total assets are almost 4 times smaller than Megyn Kelly assets
  • Bill O’ Reilly net worth is on average 6 times greater than Megyan Kelly and his yearly salary is $18 million


Megyn Kelly net worth is $15 million. She is a famous American news anchor and reporter who is famous for her stunning looks and sharp tong. She is recognized in top 100 most influential Americans. Rating of her talk show is higher among other TV channels talk shows. She is earning $ 9 million as a salary from news channel and expecting to increase it to $18 million in the coming years.


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