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Les Moonves Very Likely lose $120 Million Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Les Moonves Very Likely lose $120 Million Due To Sexual Harassment Allegations

Les Moonves; the disgraced former CBS head is yet to see the end of his bad day in front of press. The New York Times a few days back published a lengthy article in which they elaborated an alleged sexual assault by Les Moonves years go on a young actress by the name of Bobbie Phillips. According to the article Les Moonves figured out a deal with the actress’s then agent Marv Dauer to keep her quiet.

CBS is thoroughly conducting reviews on the conduct of Les Moonves while he was still the head of CBS and in case if the news of him using his position to effectively pay off this current sexual accuser, then he will most likely loses the 120 million dollars exit package in the process.

As for Dauer, he took it to explain it to the ‘The Times’ to deny the charges of him essentially blackmailing Les Moonves and also help him to keep the abused clients in his business for exchange of money.

Dauer said to the reporters of The Times,

“I don’t know how I got in the middle of this. All I know is that I’m a key witness with $120 million at stake. I can’t even imagine a sum of money like that … I wouldn’t even know how to blackmail someone … Not in my wildest dreams. Yes, I did try to get my clients parts. That’s my job. That’s what managers do.”

Les Moonves also talked to the press and actively denied the allegations of assault and even claimed that anything that happened between him and Philips was of consensual nature. However Les Moonves admits to the fact to the CBS investigators that he did gave Philips job to keep her quite about this whole affair. However there is still little truth in Les Moonves’s explanation because it would not explain as to why would Philip ‘ran out of the room’ after this consensual affair.

As for Bobbie Philips she is currently seeking legal help to sue both Les Moonves and CBS Network. She is planning to sue them both for a sum of 15 million dollars for damages in both alleged assault and to the Les Moonves’s claim that this encounter was consensual. The news has been confirmed by her attorney Eric George who also said to media that Les Moonves’s actions has caused severe medical injuries and also effectively ended Philips’ acting career.

Philips has been retired from the TV acting industry since 2003.

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