Les Moonves net worth in 2018: $700 million

The disgraced ex-head for the CBS Company had a good run with his previous employers of CBS; of course financially speaking. According to the news from CNBC, during his career split from CBS back in 2006, the total career earnings by Moonves had made about 650 million dollars in total. However now he is at risk of leaving the company without getting any kind of severance pay.

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Prior to his resignation for the head seat of CBS; following the various sexual misconducts charges, Moonves was reported to be in negotiation deals for getting a  very generous leaving package from CBS. The deal could have been anywhere in between 100 to 150 million dollars.

However the things have taken a wrong turn for Moonves as a result of internal investigation into his alleged actions that he might get nothing from CBS.

Since the founding of CBS back in 2006; Moonves has been the acting CEO and president for the CBS Corporation. He had ties with different networks and had been working for them at executive posts ranging back to 1995.

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In 2014, he was officially named as the Executive Chairman for the CBS Corporation. The SEC filings by the company for the last 12 years revel that he has earned over 650 million dollars in total.

CBS has decided to put in about 120 million dollars for the settlement of any kind from Moonves accusers. It is likely that this where Moonves severance package going to end up.

In addition to all this CBS has also announced that they are going to donate about 20 million dollars for the “Me Too” organization which helps the workplace misdemeanor and misbehave of women. It is also likely that this money is also going to be coming out of Moonves severance package.


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