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$ 2 million


Original name of Kim Kimble is Kimberly Kimble. Kimberly Kimble was born on December 24, 1971, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She is a big name hairdresser, whose professional career started in earlier age at her mother’s excellence salon. So how much money Kim Kimble has in her pocket? As indicated by different sources, her total assets are evaluated to be near around 2 million $ in mid of 2016. Probably Kim’s fame among big names has given her a chance to pick up a major a portion of her riches and open her Self running particular salons. Kimble open her salon as grade 2 and started working there to style the hairs of the celebrities. Keep in mind that before opening her own saloon she worked in her mother’s saloon. Kim Kimble net worth is near about $2 Million.

Kimble moved to Los Angeles with her 2 sisters and 3 brothers when she was child despite the fact that Kimberly was born in Chicago. Kimble’s mom and grandma were likewise beauticians, so obviously it’s not luck working in mother’s salon by Kim in a child age, at first as a cleanser young lady for her mom. Regardless of imagining about contemplating style plan from Childhood, her choice was definitely affected by her family ladies, and concentrated on hair outline and hair treatment. She worked in her mother’s saloon as a shampoo girl. She wanted to become a fashion designer but after some time she changed her mind to be the hair stylist due to the influence of her family on her mind.

For getting education on hair styling she moved to Dudley Cosmetology University which is located in North Carolina and she has also worked and got a lot of experience from Vidal Sassoon Academy. She learned here how to adjust the hairs with different styles. She learned different categories of the hairs in his study. And she also studied what kind of procedure and treatment to be implemented on what kind of hairs. Due to his high level of self-confidence, passion and hard work she is at the stage now where almost every big celebrity wanted to get hair styled from her. After celebrities get in touch with her for hair solutions than Kim Kimble net worth became rising.

Phaze II was her first ever made saloon that was opened in 1995 in Los Angeles. Right after the opening of the store she got started accepting acknowledgment. Her leap forward was her work for B-A-P-S, which featured the star Halle Berry and she was his hairdresser for this series. It gave chance to Kimble to work with different famous people, for instance she worked with Beyoncé when she showed up in “Austin Powers: Gold member”. Other of Kim’s customers incorporates Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, and many others. In 2014 World Cup in Brazil she was in charge of Shakira’s hairdo amid her execution when Shakira sung the song Waka Waka. You can easily check that getting clients of this Leveisl brings Kim Kimble net worth near about $2 million.

In year 2000 Kimble opened her second salon named as Epiphany Hair Studio. That year she likewise started her own hair beauty products known as “Kimble Beauty”, which was intended for ladies of shading keeping in mind the end goal was setting for various hair structures. Without a doubt, Kimble the opening of saloons and her beauty line increased Kim Kimble net worth. This was the area where Kimble get into the business line. Like other celebrities she took the full advantage of her multiple earnings and started the business line of selling beauty products for hairs. People saw Kimble as a solution specialist for their hairs and as they know about products launched by Kimble they get in to buying her products. That’s give boost to Kim Kimble net worth to get near around $2 million.

Likewise, Kimberley’s work showed up on the pages of popular design magazines like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle and Glamor. Work showed up by her in design related productions as well as in ads and publicizing effort for brands, for example, Cover Girl, Neutrogena, McDonald’s, L’Oreal, and Pepsi. All through her entire vocation, Kimberly additionally has cooperated with surely understood mold picture takers, for example, David La-Chapelle, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier and Annie Leibovitz. She was designated award for hair styling in a movie in 1998. Kim is additionally a Pantene Global Ambassador. These multitasking duties performed by her increases the Kim Kimble bet worth.

By keeping in view the financial point one can see that Kimble is working for multinationals for the hair styling of their add actors actresses she would have received huge amounts for her duties performed every time. She has endorsed different products and received healthy amount in endorsement of these products. These endorsements also increased Kim Kimble net worth.

As far as promotions are concerned, Kimble has an unscripted TV arrangement which was propelled in 2012 famous with the name of “LA Hair”. She once in a while shows up on different TV appears as a visitor, including “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”, “Oprah and others more.

Kimberly never got married to anyone but she has a son who likes sports very much and is 14-year-old. Kim is found of playing indoor and outdoor games in her free time as she likes playing games from her childhood time. In her extra time, Kim does yoga every day. Well she is having much weight on her body and doesn’t have some extra ordinary body features despite all this she tries to get her in good shape and tries to remain fit.


After seeing different work schedules, business lines, shows and endorsements we have estimated that Kim Kimble net worth is round about near $2 million. She is very famous for her hair styling work among all celebrities. In the near future one can simply analyze the increasing net worth of Kim Kimble because she is gaining more and more popularity among celebrities. When there comes hair styling issue in any movie, TV show, talk show, ads or something else than there comes the solution in only one name that is Kim Kimble


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