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$ 100 million


Kevin Spacey net worth is $100 million. He is American professional actor, producer, writer and director and also owns a production house for movies. Kevin Spacey stepped into acting career in year 1986 and at that time he was stage performer and got few movies to work in. He started directing movies in early 1990s and his first movie as a director was Albino Alligators which was released in 1996 but unluckily the movie was the biggest flop of the Hollywood which gave him a loss of around $6 million. He is one of the richest actors in the world and is very popular among people all around the world due to his acting skills. He grabbed many awards in his career due to his outstanding performances but his achievement for all the time was winning award for House of the cards which gave him two back to back awards for his outstanding performance. All these factors combined played an important role in piling her net worth to $100 million.

Biography of Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey was born on July 26, 1959 in South Orange, New Jersey, United States of America. He belongs to an educated family his father was a writer and consultant and his mother was secretary at office in New Jersey. His ancestors belong to Swedish and English ancestry. He got his early education from Chatsworth high school which is located in Orange, New Jersey. From his little age he was interested in acting and does little plays in school and at home. Later he worked in theater and adopted name Spacey which was him paternal mother’s name. Later he got chance of working as actor in movies and he showed his real skills to us.

  • Complete Name: Kevin Flower Spacey
  • Nick Name: Spacey
  • Birth: July 26, 1959
  • Born at: South Orange, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inch
  • Weight: 85 kg.
  • Relationship Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Education: Chatsworth high school, Orange, New Jersey
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Swedish-English
  • Occupation: Actor, producer, director
  • Wealth Source: Movies and TV shows

Apart from Kevin’s career his professional life is quite secret and he is very good at keeping secret. He has never been seen with any girl and he never talked about any girl or his interest in girlfriend or marriage. Due to this many people started believing that he is a gay that’s why he is not interested in any girl. In an interview he said that he is not interested in revealing his personal life on media because there is a difference between public and private life. But according to our sources Kevin was spotted dating with Winchell back somewhere in 1976 but the relationship was for quite little time and they broke up in the same year due to some reasons. After that nobody has seen him dating with any girl.

Timeline of Kevin Spacey net worth

Kevin Spacy net worth is $100 million and these $100 million are not made in a single year. There is a lot of hard work and time behind his that much high net worth. He is considered as one of the richest actors in Hollywood and he has earned lot of fame in his starting days. We have collected data of his earning in the previous years and the details of his yearly earnings are given below.

  • Kevin Spacey net worth in 2011 was $38 million
  • In 2012 he earned $6 million after tax and expenses which raised his net worth total to $44 million
  • His net worth was raised to $50 million in 2013 due to his efforts
  • His income in 2014 was $10 million which totaled his net worth in this year equal to $60 million
  • $15 million more were added to his income making his net worth total of $75 million in 2015
  • 2016 is a lucky year which gave him $25 million and raised his net worth total to $100 million

Comparison of Kevin Spacey net worth

Kevin Spacey is considered as one of the richest actors of Hollywood but how would I know that he is actually or not? The answer of this question lies in comparison. we have collected data of Kevin Spacey and other famous actors and compared their net worth and the results of the comparison are given as follows.

  • Tom Cruise net worth is almost 4.8 times greater than Kevin Spacey net worth
  • Brad Pitt net worth is 2.4 times greater than total assets of Kevin Spacey
  • Dwayne Johnson net worth is estimated as 1.8 times greater than Kevin spacey
  • Matt Damon net worth is almost the same compared to net worth of Kevin Spacey
  • Kevin Spacey net worth is 25% greater than Vin Diesel net worth
  • Robert Pattinson net worth is equal to the net worth of Kevin Spacey

From the above results it doesn’t seems that Kevin Spacey comes in top richest actors of Hollywood because his net worth is lower than other famous actors. But no doubt $100 million are not less and he is also very much popular.


Kevin Spacey net worth is $100 million. He started his acting career in the childhood and world in theater in different plays. Later he got a chance to work in movies and here he showed his real talent and he is one of the most popular actors in the world. Major portion of his income comes from salaries of movies, movies production and direction.


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