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$ 75 million


Keith Urban net worth is $75 million. He is famous Australian singer and Songwriter who started his career in early 90s. He released his first album in 1991 with his own name titled in Australia and later he moved to America to pursue his career there. Before starting his own band in America he worked there as a guitarist and later he released his singles albums two on billboard and one studio album. In 1999 he made his entry in solo and released his first solo album with his own name “Keith Urban” and received lot of success and the album was marked in a platinum category. Most famous and hit of all the time song was from his second album naming “Somebody likes you”. Major Sources of his earnings are Music and endorsements.

Biography of Keith Urban

Keith Urban

Keith Urban complete name is Keith Lionel Urban. He was born on October 26, 1967 in Whangarei, New Zealand. He later moved to Australia with his parents and is an Australian national. Keith Urban height is 5 feet and 10 inch and light weight exact according to his BMI. He is professional singer and song writer; he started his career from Australia but moved towards America for better career growth. He has written many songs which were performed as multiples and group singing but he started his solo albums in 1999.

  • Original Name : Keith Lionel Urban
  • Nick Name: Keith Urban
  • Born: October 26, 1967
  • Birth Whangarei, New Zealand
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inch
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Nicole Kidman since 2006
  • Children: Two daughters
  • Education: Sir Edmund Hillary College, Otara, South Auckland
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter
  • Wealth Source: Music

Apart from his professional life her married life is quite successful he got married in 2006 with Nicole Kidman and living happily together till date and both have two daughters from which the second daughter was born in surrogate. They have good understanding and there married life remained quite calm in media and there comes no issue on front. Major sources of Keith urban net worth are his songs and music.

Sources of Keith Urban net worth

Keith Urban

Major sources of Keith urban net worth is music and the endorsements he make for different products of different brands. We have collected details about Keith Urban earnings in the previous years to get better knowledge about his net worth facts which is listed in the below section. If you are also interested in knowing Keith urban net worth facts I refer you to the lower section of this part.

  • In 1999 Keith urban released his first solo album which is rated as platinum album and added around $1 million in his accounts
  • In 2002 his album golden road received two more platinum for his album and one more platinum from sales in Canada which added an income 0f $3.2 million to his accounts
  • In 2004 he released his album “Be here” which got four platinum ratings in general and three platinum ratings from Canada. This album sale added $4.5 million to Keith Urban net worth.
  • He released his next album naming “Love, pain and the whole crazy thing” which is also certified platinum in Canada. This album added $1.3 million to his income.
  • His album 18 kids was released in 2007 which earned $0.75 million
  • His bought assets of almost $11 million like home in Beverley Hills and Bunya hill property
  • He earned $1.2 million from his album defying gravity
  • He earned $10 million in year 2011 and 2012
  • His earnings were $28 million in 2013
  • Keith Urban current net worth is $75 million

From the above data we can clearly estimate that major sources of Keith Urban earnings are Music sales. His music albums are marked in platinum category several times by ARIA and RIAA.

Comparison of Keith Urban net worth

Comparison of anything is necessary in order to get better knowledge of the basic facts and differences. That’s the reason why we have compared Keith urban net worth with different other singers. For more details about the results of the comparison view the data given below.

  • His assets are 6 times lower than famous singer Beyoncé
  • Keith Urban net worth is almost double than net worth of Chris Brown
  • Jay Z net worth is almost 8 times higher than Keith urban
  • Drake net worth is almost 1.2 times greater than Keith Urban
  • Eminem net worth is 2.5 times greater than Keith Urban
  • Adam Levine net worth is almost half about the assets of Keith Urban
  • Keith urban total assets are almost double than total assets of Kesha
  • Keith urban assets are 275 times higher than an average American assets

From the above comparison one thing is sure that Keith urban lies in between the singer’s wealth list because he has net worth lower than top singer like, Beyonce, Rihanna Jay z and Eminem. On the other hand his assets are almost double than Kesha and Adam Levine. So we will consider him in average net worth singers.


Keith Urban net worth is $75 million. He is a professional singer who was born in New Zealand and belongs to Australia and is Australian national. He started his career from Australia but later moved to America and lives in Beverley Hills. He started his first solo album in 1999 which was the major source of his fame and almost his every album has received a title of platinum. Major sources of his net worth are music and earnings from the endorsements of different brands.



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