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Kawhi Leonard turns down his deal extension with Jordan Brand to sign up with the New Balance

Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors is making his moves north of the border. Raptors star has recently agreed for a multi million dollars endorsement deal with the “New Balance”. New balance like in past is holding to make itself once again a major player in the basketball market. For this purpose they are using Leonard Kawhi as their new brand face.

Kawhi Leonard Turned Down An Extension With Jordan Brand To Sign With New Balance

Kawhi Leonard Net Worth: $25 Million

Leonard was previously signed with Jordan Brand but in the light of these recent events, he turned down an extension of his deal earlier this year. He chose to go with New Balance as they are looking to make some noise in the NBA after being dormant for so long.

With Leonard as their new face, New Balance is looking like a company already on the rise. In the past decade, their revenues have already tripled which is from 1.5 billion dollars to 4.2 billion dollars annually.

Company other than Leonard also has Sydney McLaughlin on its athlete roster. McLaughlin who is a hurdler and a sprint racer is most likely to be one of the hottest athletes for the 2020 Olympics Games.

Although there is no official report as to how much Leonard will earn from his deal, it is estimated that he is going to at least earn a sum of 5 million dollars from New Balance as a result of his new deal. As for Kawhi’s previous deal with Jordan brand which he turned down, it was for a period of four years and a total of 22 million dollars.

The Kawhi Leonard deal is in cahoots with another major move from New Balance which involves the company signing one of the top prospects for the 2019 NBA draft. The name of that player is Darius Bazley who is currently an ‘intern’ at New Balance. Bazley is expected to make anywhere between 1 million dollars to 14 million dollars from New Balance.

Leonard’s current decision is also the reflection of his career path. He only missed 9 games for San Antonio Spurs in the 2017 NBA season and this year he is already on the same level as an MVP player. If he could guide Toronto Raptors for winning their first ever NBA championship, it will be his greatest redemption story.

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