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$100 million


Jesse James net worth is $100 million. He is a previous CEO of Austin, a Speed Shop situated in Austin. Jesse James is the proprietor of the West Coast Choppers Company, a colossal domain comprising of carports, dress line, magazine, eateries and TV appears. Additionally, he is an outstanding TV character, having facilitated such unscripted TV arrangement as “Jesse James is a Dead Man” and “Creature Garage”. Jesse was the fundamental star of the TV arrangement “Jesse James Outlaw Garage”. Jesse James has been aggregating his total assets, being dynamic since 1992. The primary wellsprings of Jesse James riches are TV and business. Avant-garde, he has amassed the total assets which is equivalent to hundred million USD, with his organization West Coast Choppers esteemed at two hundred million USD bicycles outlined in the beforehand specified organization cost from $50,000 to $180k.

Biography of Jesse James

TV Personality Jesse James Net Worth

Jesse James was born on the April 19, 1969 in Long Beach, California United States of America. His complete name is Jesse George James. What’s more his folks Larry and Carol James were merchants of collectibles. He was conceived as the second tyke, he has a sister Julie. In opposition to bits of gossip, he is not identified with the brigand and shooter Jesse James. He experienced childhood in Long Beach, and in 1992, he opened the organization called West Coast Choppers situated in his folks carport. Right now, it is one of the wealthiest organizations worldwide and is thought to be a standout amongst the hugest wellsprings of the total assets that has a place with Jesse James.

  • Original Name: Jesse George James
  • Nick Name: James, Jesse
  • Birth Date: April 19, 1969
  • Birth Place: Long Beach, California United States of America
  • Height: 06 feet 01 inch
  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Chris Martin
  • Children: Married four times (Karla James 1991-2002, Janine Lindemulder 2002-2004, Sandra Bullock 2005-2010, Alexis DeJoria 2013-present)
  • Education: Corresponding education
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Occupation: Welder, Blacksmith, Fabricator, TV personality
  • Wealth Source: Television and Business

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Concerning the individual existence of the big name, he has hitched four circumstances. He was hitched to his first spouse Karla James from 1991-2002, and they have two youngsters. In 2002, he wedded the stripper Janine Lindemulder with whom he has a little girl. Be that as it may, they separated in 2004. Jesse James was hitched to the on-screen character/maker Sandra Bullock from a period of 2005-2010. He now lives with his fourth spouse, hot rod Alexis DeJoria whom he wedded in 2013. They live in an extravagant manor in Texas, USA.

Earning Sources of Jesse James

TV Personality Jesse James Net Worth

Discussing the profession of Jesse James he is dependably been exceptionally committed towards his vocation, this is the motivation behind why he is so rich today. In spite of the fact that he has a confronted a ton of issues throughout his life and made a few inconveniences independent from anyone else, he has earned a ton. Nobody can acquire this much in a solitary day.

  • In the year 1992, he opened up a carport called West Coast Choppers subsequent to functioning as a bodyguard for Danzing, Slayer and once in a while for different brands like Soundgarden. It was accounted for that, about 2000 bicycles have been worked at West Choppers who is additionally supporting race groups in Top Fuel Drags and upper Late Model NASCAR. Not exclusively is this, he has additionally manufactured a hustling rough terrain Trophy Truck and a Figure-eight race auto.
  • Aside from the bike work he has been to different ventures additionally like he was the proprietor of the Cisco Burger eatery which was opened on April 28, 2006. James likewise began different efficient Chopperdogs fan club and the Jesse’s Girl garments line. In the year 2006, he has broadly distributes a Garage magazine which got viral.
  • Also, in November 2013, Jesse James Firearms boundless divulged its initial two guns which is a 1911 gun and AR-15 rifle. Moving over to his TV travel in the year 2000, a narrative was made on him by the Discovery Channel named Motorcycle madness which was a hit that time.

Comparison of Jesse James net worth

Jesse James net worth is $100 million. Major portion of his net worth comes from his business sources and Television shows. $100 million is quite good for a television Celebrity, we have compared his net worth with other celebrities and the results of Comparison are displayed below.

  • Stephanie Powers net worth is 12.5 times littler compared to Jesse James
  • Victoria Justice net worth is 12 time smaller compared to Jesse James assets
  • David Carradine net worth is 5 times littler compared to Jesse James assets
  • Dean Stockwell net worth is 50 times littler compared to Jesse James
  • Bella Thorne net worth is also 50 times smaller compared to Jesse James total assets
  • Seth Gabel net worth is almost 50 times littler compared to Jesse James
  • Tony Dow net worth is 25 times smaller compared to Jesse James net worth


Jesse James net worth is $100 million. He is an American bike maker, blacksmith and TV personality. Basic reason behind his net worth so much high is his reality shows and his own business deals. He has earned a lot of money in his business deals and expected to earn more in the coming future.

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