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Jennifer Lopez Makes $3 Million For A mere 20 MinutePerformance in Qatar

Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo is a big star in the American music industryand like any big star she commands a high fee for her work which is of nosurprise to anyone. However her fans will receive a shocking jolt to their mindwhen they hear as to what she can make for an unusually short performance likethe one held a couple of weeks back in Qatar.

That performance in Qatar lasted for a mere 20 minutes; Lopez is reported to have earned about 2 million dollars with another 1 million dollars for expenses.

This 3 million dollars paycheck also included a Q&A session with Jennifer Lopez. So technically speaking it was not a short 20 minute attendance by Lopez. According to the reports of the TMZ, Lopez was seen talking on the topic of Women Rights in this short Q&A session, which happens to be one of the hottest topics in Qatar these days. Lopez herself is currently known as one of the distinguished few female entertainers and musicians in America who are advocate for female rights and have been invited in the country of Qatar.

Lopez, making 3 million dollars pay check is not something to be amazed that for a short performance at a private party. Many other big stars this year have been able to make these sorts of paydays for private ceremonies.
Back in 2015, Nicki Minaj performed at a Bar Mitzvah of a boy named Matt Murstein, son of New York businessman Andrew Murstein who has net worth of about 600 million dollars.

Nicki Minaj earned reportedly 200,000 to 500,000 dollars from this ceremony. Later in that very same year, Nicki again earned an even bigger paycheck of 2 million dollars to perform at a corporate event of the Unitel; an Angolan Telecom Company. However this performance was dubbed as a controversial move by Human Rights Foundation. According to them they did so due to the company’s connection to the Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos who is regarded as “one of Africa’s chief human rights violators and most corrupt tyrants”.

As for other great performers like Taylor Swift and Dave Matthews, they are reported to charge 1 million dollars fee for performing at the private functions for a night. As for those who have connections to the celebrity booking agents, are said to have made reservations from these stars to perform at a lesser price.

It is generally known that the fee for a big Pop band normally falls somewhere in between 600,000 to 1.5 million dollars. While this is true but the legendary “The Rolling Stones” will not make an appearance to a party for anything less than 2 million dollars. These 2 million dollars is their bottom line fee of the 5 million dollar. They are reported to have earned a 2 million dollars paycheck for performing at a private birthday party a couple of years ago.

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