Jeff Bezos with his 150 Billion dollars net worth becomes the richest man in the Modern History

Jeff Bezos becomes officially the richest man in the modern history.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index report of Monday morning; the founder of Amazon has topped the figure of 150 billion dollars. This news confirms that Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world with 55 billion dollars lacking than Jeff Bezos.

54 years old Jeff Bezos has also topped Bill gates in terms of Inflation adjustment. Bill Gates hit the mark of 100 billion dollars for a brief amount of time in 1999 when the dot com business was at its peak. If that amount is set for today’s dollar it would still be only 149 dollars. This adjustment makes Jeff Bezos the richest man on the world since 1982.

This threshold was crossed when Amazon was setting its 36 hours summer sale events by name of “Prime Day”.

On Monday, the shares of Amazon were at a high price of about 1841 dollars but until the closing times it was at 1822.49 dollars. However this increase in share price and time of Bezos at being 150 dollars net worth was a short one as the share price plummeted towards 1800 dollars in the end.

Bezos net worth has seen an increase of 52 billion dollars this year until now. In comparison this much is equal to entire net worth of Ali Baba’s chairman and Asia’s wealthiest man; Jack Ma. Another great comparison is that, Bezos net worth is only a spitting distance away from being equal to the Walton’s Family net worth; world’s richest dynasty.

According to Bloomberg Index report; behind Bezos is Bill Gates. The report also claimed that if Bill Gates had not given away the assets he gave away through his charity organization, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; he would also have a net worth for 150 billion dollars. Until today, Bill Gates has donated 700 million shares of Microsoft, 2.9 billion dollars of cash and many other assets since 1996.



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