Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon

Jeff Bezos; the CEO of Amazon company along with his wife McKenzie Bezos announced on Thursday that they are going to give a fund of 2 billion dollars for building preschools to help homeless families.

Henry Berman; CEO of Exponent Philanthropy said to media that, “two billion dollars a huge sum of money that can do a lot of good.”

Jeff Bezos with his 150 Billion dollars net worth becomes the richest man in the Modern History

Jeff Bezos as of 2018, is the world’s richest person with an estimated net worth of approximately 164 billion dollars. There have been lots of talks as to how Bezos is going to use this money to help in philanthropic works especially from late 2017 when he solicited the ideas for spending his money on Twitter.

Now this question has been finally answered in some capacity. On Thursday regarding this news, Bezos announced on Twitter that he is going to introduced a 2 billion dollars “Bezos Day One Fund”. This fund will support two charities; with one helping the homeless families and other building the high quality pre schools in underdeveloped communities of America.

This huge 2 billion dollars fund has instantly placed the Day One Fund among the list of Top 50 Philanthropic Foundation of the country.

The tweet by Bezos stated that the exciting questions to ask are ‘Where is the good in the world and how can we spread it? What and where are the opportunities to make things better?”

These two funds are the answer to these questions.

Day 1 will award Annual Leadership Awards to those organizations that are doing very good work in providing shelter and food to homeless families that have young children.



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