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$ 60 million


Hugh Hefner net worth is $60 million. He is a publisher, producer, actor, writer, TV personality and Businessman. He is famous with the name tag of Playboy, the incorporation he owns. He started making movies, TV serials with the name of Playboy in his start career. 85% of his income comes from Playboy enterprise. He started a unique concept through his magazines and TV serials people were shy talking about sex at that time but in his magazines and TV serials he openly talked about sex that’s the biggest reason behind highest sales of magazines. This magazine was released in 1953 for the first time and after that released its editions with intervals of time. He published naked photos of Marilyn Monroe in his magazines and the pictures of the beautiful women were of the great interest for the public. His income sources are playboy enterprise who was involved in publication and productions of such kind of materials. China is the biggest market for the playboy brand where playboy products are sold in huge quantity.

Biography of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner was born on April 9, 1926 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. His full name is Hugh Marston Hefner and he was born to an English-German-Swedish mix ethnic family. He is an American national and is famous for his organization named Playboy. His height is 5 feet 8 inch and weight is 71 kg. He is famous for his team work and maintaining pleasuring environment among his team members. He is famous for recruiting girls in his organization; you can see him always in between girls. People call him playboy of real life as he has many girlfriends almost every staff member had remained in affair with Hugh Hefner.

  • Name : Hugh Marston Hefner
  • Nick Name: Hugi, Hefen, Hugh Marie, Hugh Hefner
  • Birth: April 9, 1926
  • Born at: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inch
  • Weight: 71 kg
  • Relationship Status: he married many times in his life but currently he is married with Crystal Harris since 2012
  • Children: Four (Christie, David, Cooper and Marston)
  • Education: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: English-German-Swedish mix
  • Occupation: Publisher, producer, TV personality and Businessman
  • Wealth Source: Publications, TV, Business

He started learning his early education in Steinmetz High School which a school of his residence area. Later he moved to join university of Illinois at Urbana Champaign from where he graduated in Bachelor of Arts degree. He started revolution in the America about their sex life so that they can freely talk about their sex matters and don’t hesitate while talking about this stuff. He remained successful and gained lot of recognition among albums. Ratings of his shows and TV serials increased and his magazines sales were also increased. So it means he remains successful in this idea and people adopted his idea. Apart from his professional life his life is not less than a play boy character. He remained in relationship with many girls mostly of his staff members around 15 is the no. He got married for the first time in Milderd William in 1949 and ended the relationship in 1959. Later he got married with Kimberley Conrad in 1989 and divorced her in 2010. This was the lengthy and longtime legal relationship which last almost 21 years. He is currently married with Crystal Harris since 2012 she is just 30 years old and he is celebrating his 90th birthday. Major sources of Hugh Hefner net worth are Playboy publications, productions and products.

Comparison of Hugh Hefner net worth

Hugh Hefner net worth of $60 million is due to his Playboy organization. It is believed that this man’s net worth was $200 million few years back but his organization is in loss so his assets worth decreased due to payments and other expenses. Playboy penthouse is not owned by him but it’s the property of playboy enterprise he pays rent for living there and pays all expenses including his wife. Total assets of Hugh Hefner are currently lowered to $60 million due to losses. What other publishers and producers gain? This can only be answered through comparison. Results of comparison of Hugh Hefner net worth and others are provided below.

  • Larry Flynt net worth is $400 million which is 6.6 times higher than Hugh Hefner
  • Jerry Falwell net worth is almost 6 times smaller than Hugh Hefner
  • Jordon Belfort net worth is 1.6 times higher than Hugh Hefner
  • Jamie Mazur net worth is 3 times lower than Hugh Hefner
  • Pablo Escobar net worth is about the half of assets of Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner net worth would have been much higher than what currently is but losses and downfall faced by Playboy Company affects its wealth a lot.


Hugh Hefner net worth is $60 million. He is an American publisher, producer, director, writer and businessman. He revolutionized the sex life of Americans by giving concept of free talk and exchange of ideas on sex. He placed nude pictures of beautiful women in his magazines and discussed all the things related to sex in his serials and shows. This idea worked well and his magazines sales increased and rating of his shows also increased. That was the biggest source of earnings for the Hugh Hefner and playboy enterprise.


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