Howie Mandel

Howie Mandel Net Worth: $ 40 Million

How rich is Howie Mandel? A very talented, actor, TV personality and famous comedian Howie Mandel net worth crossed $ 40 million. His net worth grew after his television appearance and standup comedian. His earnings $ 70,000 from a reality show “America’s Got Talent” per episode. His best work on Hollywood is a TV drama “St. Elsewhere” which run approx. 6 years. He also hosted “Deal or No Deal” a game show of NBC, his earnings from this show was $ 75,000 per episode.

  • Born on: 29 Nov, 1955
  • Born in: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Comedy and TV host
  • Famous for: Hosted “Deal or No Deal”

 Amateur career:

Howie Mandel

A Canadian actor Howard Michael is well known as the “Howie Mandel”. He start-up his acting career from a standup comedian “Yuk Yuk’s” in 1978. After that Mandel performed on regular basis at “The Comedy Store” when he was on Los Angeles trip. In Los Angeles, producer of Make Me Laugh’s show saw him and took a part of this show. In 1979 several TV’s head saw his performance and signed him in various shows including CBC TV’s Head also signed him immediately at that time in several shows. Howie Mandel net worth started to increase when he starred in a Canadian movie in 1980 and his performance was as a lead role in this movie named “Gas”.

Howie Mandel on a Big Screen:

Howie Mandel

Mandel got much fame when he gained attention of the U.S.’s people in 1982 during a television drama St. Elsewhere which run approx. six years. He starred in several movies such as “Gremlins” which released in 1984. And its sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch was in 1990. His famous work in “Walk like a Man” in which his comical abilities are gained the attention of the people of U.S. in 1987. He also remained from 1990 to 1998 as an executive producer and creator of a children animated series “Bobby’s world”. A major portion of Howie Mandel net worth also increased by his filmography. In 1995 he starred in many comedy series such as Howie Mandel’s Sunny Skies and in 1996 Mandel worked in another television series The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys in which his role was as a professor. The Howie Mandel Show was hosted by himself in 1998 but unfortunately it was cancelled after one season. After that he starred many movies such as Hansel and Gretel in 2002 and a television series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip in 2006.

Mandel works on Deal or No Deal:

In 2008 Mandel hosted a daytime show in 5 days of a week “Deal or No Deal” and in 2010 he was announced as a judge in a reality show “America’s Got Talent”. Mandel also hosted many time several awards ceremonies. His earnings from these two shows increase his wealth many times. He earned $ 70 thousands from America’s Got Talent’s per episode and $ 75 thousand from Deal or No Deal’s per episode. Howie Mandel net worth accumulating by his standup comedian, television appearances and concert tours.

Does Mandel not shake hands anyone?

Mandel doesn’t shake hand to anyone unless he wears latex gloves because he has mysophobia, a fear of germs. On his show Deal or No Deal, many contestant wants to shake hands him but he give a formal hug or he just put hands on contestant’s shoulders. He shaved his head because of his mysophobia. He feel cleaner himself after lack of hair. Mandel never wears laces shoes just because of he thinks laces are dirty then how I can touch them. Even he doesn’t use public bathroom or any other but his own. He struggled this disease from his childhood.

Howie Mandel’s Awards and Honors:

Mandel got much fame when he was nominated for Emmy award and many others. Al little bit portion of Howie Mandel net worth also grew after gaining the attention of the peoples of America and worldwide. His standup comedian and concert tours reached him on richest and a very popular and big celebrity in the world.

  • In 1998 Mandel won “Golden Apple Award” for Howie of 1992 as a male discovery of the year.
  • In 2008 Mandel won “Walk of Fame” for his hosting show Deal or No Deal
  • In 2009 Mandel nominated for “Daytime Emmy Award” for his show Deal or No Deal as an outstanding game show host
  • In 1991 Mandel nominated for “Daytime Emmy Award” for Bobby’s World as an outstanding animated program
  • In 1995 Mandel nominated as an actor in comedy series for “Cable ACE Award” for Mandel’s Sunny Skies
  • In 1994 Mandel nominated for “Daytime Emmy Award” for Bobby’s World as an outstanding writing in an animated program
  • Mandel 3 times nominated for “Gemini Awards” as a best performance in variety series in 1993, as a best variety program in 1993 and as a best performance by an actor in a guest role in a dramatic series in 1998.
  • Mandel also nominated for “Primetime Emmy Award” in 2008 for his show Deal or No Deal as an outstanding host for a reality program

Howie Mandel net worth V/s other famous richest celebrities:

Howie Mandel net worth is many times higher than other popular celebrities in the world but Mandel is many times lower than Bred Pit, Shahrukh Khan, Adam Sendler and other actors and comedian.

  • Mandel’s net worth is 20 % lower than the net worth of Nick Cannon
  • Mandel’s net worth is 7 % higher than the net worth of Mel Be
  • Mandel’s net worth is 7.5 times lower than the net worth of Adam Sandler
  • Mandel’s net worth is 7.1 times lower than the net worth of Ellen DeGeneres
  • Mandel’s net worth is 12 times lower than the net worth of Tom Cruise
  • Mandel’s net worth is 6 times lower than the net worth of Brad Pit
  • Mandel’s net worth is 2.7 times lower than the net worth of Martin Lawrence


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