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Forbes in their list of 2017 announced that the Hunger Games star, who also happens to have become an Oscar Winner is sitting on top of the list of Highest Paid Actresses. 28 years old Jennifer Lawrence made a total of 50 million dollars before tax in 12 months of her work to beat another renowned actress Scarlett Johansson for the top spot. In case, if Jenifer Lawrence is considering placing that amount of 50 million dollars for luxury real estate she will have no problem finding the right option for herself. For this purpose, the Mansion Global presents five of the fine homes that are perfect for this celebrity actress.

jennifer lawrence net worth:$110 million

6425 Weidlake Dr- Los Angeles, California

Price: $50 million

Bedrooms: 32

Te price of this property is 50 million dollars and comes with 52 bedrooms and full 51 bathrooms. Why buy a single 50 million dollars home you ask? Well this is actually four houses built side by side that is merely few minutes from the heart of Hollywood.

With property’s multiple pools, professional theaters and outdoor spacious spaces; this property happens to be the luxury plus work life’s perfect balance for any A-lister.


6425 Weidlake Dr- Los Angeles, California


50 central Park- New York City, NY


Price: $50 million

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 3.5 (3 Full, 1 Partial)

The price of this luxury house is about 50 million dollars and comes with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus 1 partial bathroom. The house boasts an area of 4536 square feet. There are 12 such condos atop the Ritz Carton New York Hotel at 50 Central Park South. The hotel provides not only the panoramic view of the park but also the high end amnesties for the condo owners.

50 Central Park - New York City, NY


2431 Riviera Drive- Laguna Beach, California

Price: $51 million

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 8 (7 Full, 2 Partial)

This 10000 square feet mansion is listed for a price of 50 million dollars and comes with 6 bedrooms and 8 full plus 2 partial bathrooms. For a busy star who needs to take a break from their schedule there is nothing better to drive back to their Laguna Beach mansion.

Sitting on the front of one of the truly beautiful and select beaches of the Southern California area, the property offers not only stunning oceanic views but also paparazzi proof private residence.


2431 Riviera Drive - Laguna Beach, Cali.


28 Gin Lane- Southampton NY

Price: $50 million

Bedrooms: 12

Bathrooms: 9 (9 Full)

This 7300 square feet area property is listed at price of 50 million dollars and comes with 12 bedrooms and 9 full bathrooms. For a real, celebrity they have to have a home in Hamptons. This is for the first time in 55 years is there a 4 acres private property with protected frontage along with option to build a beautiful beach home in the Hamptons.


28 Gin Lane - Southhampton, NY


1 Buggy Whip Drive- Rolling Hills California

Price: $53 million

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms: 37.5 (25 Full, 25 Partial)

From just 27 miles from Downtown LA, this 50,000 square feet property is listed for a price of 50 million dollars that comes with 9 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. This spacious and beautiful party is best for any celebrity A-lister to hold magnificent parties.

In additions to its bedroom and bathrooms, it also offers indoor and outdoor pools and tennis courts. Other features of the hose includes it having Orchestra facilities, rose garden, panoramic view of LA and San Gabriel Mountains along with a chance to hold a Ball in 250 attendee ballroom.


1 Buggy Whip Drive - Rolling Hills, Cali.


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