Slash Net Worth In 2018 : $90 Million

Slash the lead guitarist for the famous band Guns N Roses is undergoing a terrible divorce with his wife; Perla Ferrar. The latest skirmish between the couple is about the equal split. Perla is of the view that Slash is hiding is original income and money for avoiding paying her what she feels is her air share.

Guns N' Roses Guitarist Slash made 45 million dollars last year alone

TMZ has officially reported that Slash and Ferrar are now single. With this new TMZ has also released some tidbits about slash’s financial assets. Even before the settlement talks were on the table, attorney of Ferrar; Marty Singer pointed out the 45 million dollars that Slash made in previous year.

The argument presented by Marty Singer is as follows.

“Even after the fact at Slash has reported about 45 million dollars in income for last year; he has not paid for the 1500 dollars Drum Set his son requested from him. His son only wanted to have an extra drum set to be in her mother’s house where the boy spends 90 percent of his time. The boy is a musician in a band and needs is drum set. The other drum set is present in Slash’s home and studio which he does not allowed for his son to remove from his premise”.

This is certainly a lot of money but considering the touring outfit of Guns N Roses; this much does not seem that much surprising at all. Last year alone; Guns N Roses mad e total of 439 million dollars from their “Not in This Lifetime Toru”.

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Things only got a lot worse when Slash offered to pay a settlement amount of 6.6 million dollars along with 100,000 dollars in alimony payment and 39,000 dollars in child support payment every month.

Slash is going to keep all the publishing rights from his music sales as well as he keeps all his guitars along with any future income he receives from his music sales. In addition to this he has also agreed that the 0.9 percent part of his income is going to be reached by each of his children for next twenty years.



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