Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth : 1 Billion

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has once again stayed true to his nickname as he earned 9 million dollars paycheck for just a two minute work. This happened at the RIZIN 14 which was a boxing exhibition that took place in Japan on New Year’s Eve. The fight was of Mayweather vs. a 19 years old Japanese kick boxer Tenshin Nasukawa.

The Mayweather VS Nasukawa fight was for a three round fight with each round of being three minutes duration with standard boxing rules. However for Mayweather, he only needed one round to win the fight, less than one actually. With 48 seconds into the fight, the first Nasukawa manger saw the writing on the wall and threw in the towel, calling off the fight. Nasukawa was timely pulled out of a fight in which he was obviously outclassed, out matched and outfought by one of the most experience boxers of the history; Mayweather.

Nasukawa came into the fight as a heavy underdog. This fight will not be listed in any of the fighter’s professional record. As for Nasukawa, he was taking this fight really seriously instead of being just an exhibition match and was immensely surprised by Mayweather’s power in the ring. Due to this fight not being an official one, Nasukawa still remains undefeated. Afterwards, Nasukawa took it to Instagram to convey his thoughts. The post was in Japanese so it seems a little wobbly in English.

“It was a challenge to fight with being said to be reckless
Although the result has been knocked down
I do not regret it
I did not reach Mayweather at my own 20 years.
But I came out with courage.
Thank you very much, Mayweather players who fought.
Thank you very much for everyone who supported me.
I could not shape your thoughts, but I will continue to challenge from now on
Everyone, thank you again this year.”

The most interesting thing for our writing today is that it only took 2 minutes 12 seconds for the whole thing to get started and finish. If you break it down its only 132 seconds and Mayweather made about 68181 dollars per second for this fight which is even a lot of money by Mayweather’s standard.


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