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Enrique Iglesias


Net worth

$85 million


The king of Latin Pop singer, Enrique Iglesias net worth is around $85 million. He is well known Spanish actor, singer, record producer and song writer. But he is much popular in both languages English and Latin music industry. He has a record of sold over 150 million on international level. In the mid of 1990s he became the biggest seller of his Spanish album. Now he is the best Spanish artist in music world.

  • Born on: 8 May, 1975
  • Born in: Madrid, Spain
  • Source of income: Actor, Record Producer, Model, Singer, Song Writer, composer, Musician
  • Famous for: Singing

Beginning of career:

Fortunately Enrique inherited music talent from his father so because of this he could make his successful career. In the start of his career he didn’t want to establish himself on the fame of his father. He recorded his first song not his real name but as Enrique Martinez. After that in 1995, he used his original name Enrique Iglesias when he released his first album. Enrique Iglesias net worth was accumulating from his studio albums.

Enrique Iglesias:

In 1995 Iglesias released his first album Enrique Iglesias, a collection of soft rock ballads.  Many returns from huge sales of album increased his net worth. In 16 different countries concert tour he performed his first album from which his net worth grew up. There are 5 hits singles in this album which reached the top on Latin’s Billboard. From this album Enrique won Grammy Award for best Latin Pop singer.


Enrique Iglesias net worth was continuously increasing when his 2nd album Vivir was released in 1997. From this album Enrique jumped into English superstar list and compete with these star’s sales for the year. Album has 3 singles which topped and reached on the Billboard and also in different Spanish countries. At that his father also nominated for American Music Award. In several countries and 19 arenas of U.S he performed this album.

Cosas del Amor:

His 3rd album Cosas del Amor was released in 1998. He performed in 80 different shows after bigger world tour of this album. At that time he sponsored by MacDonald’s for the first tour. From this album he won America Music Award.


The English 2nd album Escape was released in 2001 which got huge success for sale of that year. First single of this Hero became the most top single in England and several countries.


4th Spanish album Quizas released in 2002 and reached at number 12 on the Billboard 200. A million copies was sold in a week of this album which have 3 singles and got much fame on MTV shows. From this album Enrique won Latin Grammy Award.

7: 7 is the 7th album by Enrique Iglesias which released in 2003. From this album Enrique went on his bigger tour in the world and performed mostly on those stadiums where he had never played. Such as India, Australia, Singapore and Egypt.


Insomniac was released in 2007. The album has modern pop style and different from previous albums. Enrique performed many world tour and reached at number one Billboard’s Hot 100. That was the time when first western artist performed in Syria in these three decades era.

95/08 Exitos:

Spanish album 95/08 Exitos was released in 2008 and reached at number eighteen on Billboard 200 and number 1 Latin Billboard.


Enrique’s 9th studio album Euphoria was released in 2010 which has seven singles in English language. The album reached at number 4 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Sex and Love:

In 2014 Enrique’s 10th studio album Sex and Love was released. Every single received success of this album but the huge fame received by Bailando in all around the world yet song is in Spanish language. Bailando is most 2nd music most watched video on You Tube.

Enri as a Philanthropist:

Enrique Iglesias use his best sizzling and exciting voice started to work for the organization of music for relief. He involved in many projects of Download to0 Donate. He also charities money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines through the American Red Cross when it was hit by earthquake. He also supported the Salvation Army, Music for Relief, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Live Earth, Habitat for Humanity, City of Hope, Special Olympics and Hunger relief.

Enrique Iglesias net worth comparison with richest Rappers:

  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 5.5 times net worth of Jay Z
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than almost same net worth of Kanye West
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 1.5 times net worth of 50 cent
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 1.1 times net worth of Lil Dre
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 3 times net worth of Dr Dre
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 1.29 net worth of Snoop Dogg
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 6 times net worth of Saen Comb
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 1.4 times net worth of Eminem
  • Iglesias’s net worth is less than 1.35 times net worth of Birdman


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