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$ 170 Million


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Drake net worth is $170 million. He is a Canadian actor, singer, songwriter, music producer and voice recorder. He started his career with acting from his teenage but he was more interested in becoming a singer. His passion for music leads him to United States of America; famous rapper Lil Wayne called him to USA to discuss a music deal with him. That was his first step in music and now he has millions of fans all around the world.

He has worked with many famous singers and rappers like Jay Z, Eminem and Kayne West and received a lot of money by working with them. He has also started singing his own singles and released his own albums which gave him couple of Grammy awards. Major Sources of his earnings are music and acting.

Biography of Drake


drake net worth 2018 forbes, drake net worth 2017, drake net worth the richest, lil wayne net worth, lil wayne net worth 2018, dr dre net worth, eminem net worth, jay z net worth


Drake was born on October 24, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His original name given to him on his birth was Aubrey Drake Graham but he is more popular among public with the name of Drake. He was raised in a very poor family and had faced lot of issues during his childhood.

He started his career with acting in Canadian movies but he was more interest in becoming a singer. In his teenage he went for a competition of singers and he was recognized as best singer among all of them.

After that he went to America to start his singing career professionally and now he is in front of all of us and is now well known among all people around the globe for his songs.

  • Original Name: Aubrey Drake Graham
  • Nick Name: Drake
  • Birth Date: October 24, 1984
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 6 feet 0 inch
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Children: None
  • Education: Corresponding education
  • Nationality: Canada
  • Ethnicity: Canadian-SouthAmerican
  • Occupation: Singer, Song writer, music producer, actor
  • Wealth Source: Music & Movies

Drake is well known now for his music albums and songs but on the other hand he is little much known personally. He seems quite good at hiding things as we haven’t seen any kind of news about his affairs and scandals and he has never been found dating with anyone at any public place. So we can’t say anything about his love life and affairs at this point of time.

Earning Sources of Drake

drake net worth 2018 forbes, drake net worth 2017, drake net worth the richest, lil wayne net worth, lil wayne net worth 2018, dr dre net worth, eminem net worth, jay z net worth

Definitely Drake’s earning sources are music and movies as he is a musician and actor by profession. But the question is how much he earns and what are the sources which gave her that much higher worth. The details about all of his earnings from different sources are listed below.

  • Drake earned $160 million from concerts and tour
  • $36 million were added to the accounts of Drake for endorsements of brands
  • His music albums sales accounts for a total of $27 million
  • He made a total investments of $15 million
  • His YouTube earnings for the viewership accounts for $24 million
  • His average salary for a years is $45 million
  • He paid annual taxes of -$107 million according to his income tax bracket
  • Total expenses incurred to him during the year was -$23 million


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Timeline of Drake net worth

Drake has earned millions of dollars a year and he has increased his earnings in each coming year. In the previous section we have discussed his earning sources but in this section we are interested in known his net total net worth in each year and the details of this are provided below.

  • In 2010 Drake Net Worth was $16 million
  • In 2011 Drake assets in total was $23 million
  • In 2012 Drake total worth was $47 million
  • In 2013 Drake assets in total were $73 million
  • In 2014 Drake Worth was $81 million
  • In 2015 Drake assets were counted at $88 million
  • In 2016 Drake total earnings after taxes and expenses were $126 million
  • In 2017 Drake Net Worth is $170 million

Comparison of Drake net worth

Drake net worth is $170 million. He is one of the most richest singer among other in the world. His net worth is in increasing trend and is expected to cross $200 million in the coming year. We have compared his net worth with other famous singers and the results of the comparison are displayed below.

  • Justin Bieber 1.17 times bigger than assets of Drake
  • Lady Gaga total assets are 1.6 times greater compared to assets of Drake
  • Chris Brown net worth is 3.4 times smaller compared to total assets of Drake
  • Drake net worth is 7 times smaller than total assets of Jay Z
  • Eminem assets in total are 1.2 times greater than Drake
  • Adam Levine net worth is 4.8 times smaller compared to Drake net worth
  • Enrique Iglesias net worth is 2 time smaller compared to Drake assets in total


Drake net worth is $170 million. He is a famous actor, singer, songwriter and music producer. He is considered as one of the most successful singers in the world. His music albums have broken the records of many famous singer and he is expected to break many more in future.


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