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$ 450 million


Dr. Phil net worth is $450 million. Dr. Phil is an American Clinical Psychologist and TV shows host. His latest show is “Dr. Phil” which is an American talk show. His father was also a psychologist and Vinita and later they moved to Beverley hills. Major sources of Dr. Phil income are his motivational lectures that he gives in different organization to pursue the goals and TV shows hosting. His net worth rises after he found a businessman lady Thelma Box with which he worked on different about goals achievement. He is considered as one of the best motivational speaker. He has described different types of goal achievement and goal setting through his clinical psychological theories. These all sources make him wealthier day by day.

Biography of Dr. Phil


To know about the personal life of Dr. Phil we have collected the data of his early life and career which is given below. To know more about Dr. Phil just refer you to the details in the lower section.

  • Original Name: Philip Calvin McGraw
  • Born: September 1, 1950
  • Birth Place: Vinita, Oklahoma, United States
  • Height:6 feet 4 inch
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Marital Status: Married twice (Debbie Higgins 1970-1973, Robin Jameson 1976 to present)
  • Children: Two (Jay and Jordan)
  • Education: University of North Texas
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ethnicity: English, Irish
  • Occupation: TV show host, motivational speaker
  • Wealth Source: Guest speaker, TV and Books

Dr. Phil was born on September 1, 1950 in Vinita, Oklahoma, United States. He was brought up by his parents with two sisters in Vinita but later they moved to Beverley Hills and he is currently living here. Dr. Phil was interested in football in his school and college days he played as center backward but remained unsuccessful. He continued his studies and graduated from Midwestern state university in 1976 in the field of experimental Psychology. Later in 1979 he got his PhD degree in clinical Psychology from University of Texas right after three years of masters.  He got married with Debbie Higgins in 1970 but after some time they both separated in 1973 and called their marriage annulled. Dr. Phil married again with Robin Jameson in 1976 and both are living a happy life with two sons Jay and Jordan. Major sources of Dr. Phil net worth are TV shows, books and motivational speeches.

Timeline of Dr. Phil net worth

Dr. Phil

Want to know how much Dr. Phil have earned each year and where his net worth goes in these years? Don’t worry we have collected data of Dr. Phil net worth according to years to get clear picture of increase in his net worth.

  • Phil started career as motivational speaker and first earning of his in 1991 was $350,000
  • In 2006 his net worth jumped to $50 million
  • After that he earned almost $65 million a year
  • Means his net worth jumped to $115 million in 2007
  • $170 million were the total assets of Dr. Phil in 2008
  • In 2009 his assets jumped to $230 million
  • Phil was moving ahead in 2010 to $280 million
  • Next decade of 21st century proved lucky and his net worth crossed at $300 million and stood at $330 million in 2012
  • In 2013 his net worth was $355 million
  • 2014 also contributed in the increasing trend and made his assets worth $380 million
  • He just crossed $400 million in 2015
  • Actual net worth of Dr. Phil in 2016 is $450 million

You can clearly see increasing trend in the net worth of Dr. Phil not a single year produced harm to his net worth and he is still moving ahead. After 2006 his yearly average income is $65-$70 million.  If we believe this trend than he is almost near in crossing the $500 million line.

Comparison of Dr. Phil net worth

For clearer understating of Dr. Phil net worth we have compared its net worth with other motivational writers, speakers and TV show hosts. You can look down at the analysis presented for more information.

  • Motivational speaker Tony Robins and Dr. Phil has almost similar figures of net worth
  • Suze Orman is 13 times lower than Dr. Phil in terms of net worth comparison
  • Phil’s assets are 8 times greater than Chris gardner
  • Famous American talk show host Jon Stewart net worth is 5.6 times smaller than Dr. phil
  • Even total assets of Larry King are 65% smaller than Dr. Phil
  •  TV celebrity and host Ricki Lake’s assets are 32 times smaller than Dr. Phil
  • Average household American net worth is 1500 times smaller than Dr. Phil

You can see from the above data that Dr. Phil seems to be the richest among other Television talk show host and motivational writers and speakers.


Dr. Phil net worth is $450 million. He is a famous American television personality who hosts American live talk shows and is commonly known as motivational writer and speaker who motivates people to achieve their goals. His books, TV shows and motivational speeches at different platforms are the major sources of his net worth.


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