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Net Worth

$6 million


DJ Envy was born in September 3, 1977 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Name given to him on his birth is Raashaun Casey but due to his profession he used the name DJ Envy and got popularity with this name. He is famous for his work of recording producer, radio work and most importantly disc jockey. He started his career in 1990s and early in 2000 he started climbing the heights of success and competing with the famous freestyle rappers of that time.

In 2003 he launched his debut album named Desert Strom mix tape vol. 1 which gained lot of popularity among his fans. Prior to this he was famous for his radio shows in Talk it in the street from 12:00am to 4:00am. After that he hosted other different radio shows like Hip hop on Sirius XM radio.

  • Wealth Source: Radio shows, Disc jockey, Rapper
  • Birth Place: Queens, New York, USA
  • Marital Status: Married to his high school girlfriend Gia Casey
  • Nationality: United States
  • Born: 3rd September, 1977
  • Children: 5 ( Madison, Logan, Jaxson, London, Brooklyn )
  • Education: Tutored by neighborhood DJ clue
  • Occupation: Disc jockey, Rapper
  • Ethnicity: American

DJ Envy started his career from radio later he moved to the television industry. He has done TV shows and in 2010 he has been involved in many TV shows and the most important one was as a host on MTV2 in Sucker free. He recently released an audio tape with collaboration of Rico Love. This album is assumed to get the huge business in the market.

DJ Envy Income comparison

Let’s see how DJ Envy gets the earnings from and how much income he has received in recent years. This would give us a better clue for DJ Envy net worth in total.

In 2011-2012 DJ Envy earnings were                                     $380,000

In 2012-2013 DJ Envy earnings were                                     $470,000

In 2013-2014 DJ Envy earnings were                                     $610,000

In 2014-2015 DJ Envy earnings were                                     $704,999

In 2015-2016 DJ Envy earnings are                                        $815,000

One can analyze through the data given above that the earnings of DJ are constantly rising. This is all due to her efforts, hard work and patience of getting successful. Apart from these earnings DJ has lot of cars which he has bought from different manufacturer on demand. He bought Dodge challenger SRT8 in yellow color in 2013 which costs him $48,000. Apart from the Dodge challenger he has bought Bentley which costs him $295,000. He is very much famous for his interest in purchasing unique cars. In an interview he has explained that he is found of cars, he likes to drive the most stylish and luxury cars that are the reason of spending lot of money on buying cars. Comparing the expenses with the income of DJ we can estimate that DJ Envy net worth is still $6 million.

DJ Envy Income from Albums

DJ Envy has released many albums since he has started his career. His most successful and popular album among people was released in 1999 with the name tag of Thug Mentality. He did the record business of over $1 million from this single album release. Later he has released different albums details of those are given below. Sale of music albums created a big portion for DJ Envy net worth.

  • Thug Mentality did business of over $1 million
  • Broken Silence did business of around $850,000
  • Wait a minute did business of around $487,000
  • The Bad Guy did business near about $650,000
  • Love and envoy did business of $615,000
  • Others albums which he released with collaboration of other signer, writers, producers and rappers he received an income of $378,000.

You can see that the most successful album of DJ Envy remained Thug Mentality and on second choice broken silence did the huge business. Apart from these two top albums obviously other albums played an important role in increasing the DJ envy net worth. If we sum up all the earnings that DJ Envy received from his albums it gives total of around $3.8 million. Means DJ Envy has earned his mostly earnings from his albums released and it is the main source of income of DJ Envy.

DJ Envy Net worth timeline

We have already seen the income of DJ Envy from his albums sales and his yearly other incomes that he has received in previous years. We know that DJ Envy is a celebrity and he make endorsements for different products too. He receives handsome earnings from the endorsements he made. Moreover he work in promotions of the brands and ads of the companies he get lot from there too. We don’t have exact data of these earnings that’s the reason of not mentioning it here separately. We have collected data of DJ envy net worth in total let’s have a look at year wise net worth of him given below.

  • In 2012 DJ Envy net worth was $3.4 million
  • In 2013 DJ Envy net worth was $4.8 million
  • In 2014 DJ Envy net worth was $5.2 million
  • In 2015-2016 DJ Envy net worth is currently $6 million

Constant rise in the net worth of DJ Envy can be seen in the timeline given above. If we compare it with his expenses than we can be amused to see that after managing all these huge expenses his net worth is constantly rising. This is a clear sign that his popularity among people is increasing and he is getting more likes and more hits for his albums released. Moreover there is a huge portion of hidden endorsement income data for which can’t be shown. These all circumstance and income sources made DJ Envy net worth to $6 million.


DJ Envy net worth is near about $6 million. DJ Envy is an American rapper which is famous for his disc jockey work. He started his career in early 90s, he worked in radio and TV shows. He married with her school time girlfriend and they have five children. He released different albums alone and in collaboration with other rappers. He is famous for his luxury cars.


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