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Denise Coates of “Billionaire Bookie” made Record $281 Million in Pay Last Year

Denise Coates of “Billionaire Bookie” is one of the best compensated bookies in the world. She is the head of the online bookmaker “Bet365”. According to the inside sources, she made a sum of 281 million dollars last year in pay.

Billionaire Bookie Denise Coates Scored Record $281 Million In Pay Last Year

Coates is not only the head but also the founder of the Bet365 and the reports which have revealed her earnings of 281 million dollars were revealed from the recently publicly published company’s financial disclosures for the fiscal year which ended on March 25th.

Coates is not named in these documents, instead there is only the mention of the highest paid executive with the company which would obviously be Coates.

Coates, speaking extremely in term of compensation is one of the highest paid UK representatives of a company. Her is the increase of 10 percent as compared to what she made a year before. This is not all, she is also makes pay than the other leaders of any of the US companies on the S&P 500 index.

Coates total stakes in the Bet365 is well over 50 percent according to the numbers of 2015. Her family’s entire net worth is estimated to be about 5.8 billion pounds which roughly calculates into 8.7 billion dollars in US. Along with Coates some of the fellow board members like her brother john Coates and her father Peter Coates have also made huge compensation pay according to the documents. Including the dividend both of the company’s board of directors made well over 80 million pounds.

All of this is possible due to the very good business year for Bet365 which saw an increase of 31 percent in profits this year as per Bloomberg’s report. However the future of the company seems rather bleak as recently the government of UK has announced that they will be increasing taxes on the activities like Gambling while many are calling for greater transparency in the betting industry. With these sorts of future changes, there will be sizeable impact upon the Bet365’s bottom line which is currently the second largest betting firm in UK.

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