Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh Net Worth: $ 16 Million

A very talented, famous comedian, executive producer, writer and TV personality Daniel Tosh net worth crossed $ 16 million according to different sources. His net worth increased after his TV appearance and standup comedy performances. He also starred in several movies and television series. He also made 5 standup comedy tours after 2010 which boost up his wealth. According to different sources Tosh’s comedy shows has average ticket price nearly $ 162.

  • Born on: 29 May, 1975
  • Born in: Germany
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Comedian, Screenwriter, Film producer, Voice Actor, TV producer
  • Famous for: Black Comedy

Beginning of career:


In his college life Tosh joined the comedy club circuit. In 2000 his first appearance was at Theatre Saint Denis on television. In 2001 he performed in various shows and after that he hosted a late night comedy show. That was the 1st big break of his career. In 2007 his own special show on Comedy Central gained him as special standup Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious and after that he hosted Live at Gotham which is part of comedy central. He also appeared many time on MTV’s several shows. In 2011 his own special comedian central “Danial Tosh: Happy Thoughts” had more than 3 million viewers and after that this show released DVD. In 2009 his famous show “Tosh.o” which also related to his comedy central. Daniel Tosh net worth grew by his tours and standup specials such as Daniel Tosh: Completely serious, Daniel Tosh: People Pleaser and Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts.

Tosh earnings from Films:

Daniel Tosh

Daniel Tosh starred in several movies and TV series. Although Daniel Tosh net worth accumulating by his comical abilities but he has also endorse in several films. His earnings from movies are more than $ 10 million.

  • Tosh earned $ 2.8 million from “Brickleberry” in 2012
  • Tosh earned $ 1.8 million from “Tosh.o” in 2009
  • Tosh earned $ 2.3 million from “Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts” in 2011
  • Tosh earned $ 1.3 million from “The Love Guru” in 2008

Daniel Tosh’s Awards and Honors:

Daniel Tosh is doing remarkable work as a comedian, actor and TV host for this reason he has been nominated for many times for various awards. But still at that time he has not receive any award but many times nominated for several awards.

Tosh has 3 times nomination for Teen Choice Award in 2011 and 2012 as a Choice Comedian. In 2013 he again nominated for this award as a Favorite Comedian.

In 2011 Tosh nominated as a favorite TV guilty pleasure for People’s Choice Award

Daniel as a Philanthropist:

Daniel Tosh has done work with some charities and foundations. Daniel took part in show which made on “Greg Geraldo” a famous deceased actor and comedian. He also participated in a program which made for Alabama disaster relief. “Tosh Saves The World” is very famous show which is hosted by Daniel Tosh and the earnings of this show going to several charities and foundations.

Daniel Tosh’s Yearly salary:

Daniel Tosh net worth accumulating by his annual salary which reached in 2016 almost $ 2 million. His earnings came from his standup comedy central tours and several movies.

  • Tosh earnings was $1 million in 2012
  • Tosh earnings was $ 1.3 million in2013
  • Tosh earnings was $ 1.7 million in 2014
  • Tosh earnings was $ 1.9 million in 2015
  • Tosh earnings was $ 2.1 million in 2016

Daniel tosh net worth V/s some popular world richest comedian:

Daniel Tosh net worth is many time more than other popular actors and comedian in the world but Tosh is not included in the list of top 10. Yet Tosh became a richest celebrity in the world and his annual salary reached at more than $ 2 million.

  • Tosh’s net worth is 5.5 times lower than the net worth of Jon Stewart
  • Tosh’s net worth is 5.5 times lower than the net worth of Matthew Perry
  • Tosh’s net worth is 3.5 times lower than the net worth of Jerry Lewis
  • Tosh’s net worth is 20.4 times lower than the net worth of Adam Sandler
  • Tosh’s net worth is 8 times bigger than the net worth of Lew Temple
  • Tosh’s net worth is 4 times bigger than the net worth of Thomas Sadoski

Brief history of Daniel Tosh net worth throughout the years:

Daniel Tosh net worth is gently increased by years to years but a huge difference came after 2010. Now in 2016 his yearly income is more than $ 2 million so we can say that after few years Tosh’s names will be written in the top 50 richest actors in the world.

  • Daniel’s net worth in 2012 was $ 9 million
  • Daniel’s net worth in 2013 was $ 12.8 million
  • Daniel’s net worth in 2014 was $ 14 million
  • Daniel’s net worth in 2015 was $ 16 million

Daniel’s net worth in 2016 more than $ 16 milli


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