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Net worth

$ 110 million Dollars


#Daniel Jacob Redcliff was born on 23 July 1989 in Hammersmith, London England. He has a total net worth equal to 110 million dollars. He has earned this huge net worth mainly acting he has been doing 17 years.

Daniel Redcliff Net Worth and beginning of his career:

Daniel Redcliff started his career as an actor in very young age, when he was only 10 years old. He made his debut in 1999 in BBC 1’s TV film named as David Copperfield. Two years later he started working in cinema in year 2001 when he acted in “the tailor of Panama”.

Daniel Redcliff Got Fame:

Daniel Redcliff

In year 2000 the actor was asked by the producer of Harry Potter, David Heyman to give auditions for the adaptation of the film “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”. The film was actually based on a book written by J K Rowling. The director was impressed from his acting in David Copperfield and decided to take him to personify the role of Harry Potter. This act of auditions and selections took 8 months and finally Daniel was selected as the actor of the movie. This decision of the director was proved to be the right one for the movie as well as for the Redcliff.

Daniel Redcliff Net Worth earned from Harry Potter:

In year 2000 he started appearing in the movie Harry Potter which earned a much fame in the hearts of people belonging to every age group mainly people born in 1990s. In the start of this movie say the first movie of the series the actor got only 145000 dollars as a salary. If we have a look on the salaries he got from the series we have the following facts and figures:

  • In year 2001 he received a fees being equal to 145000 dollars as his remuneration for acting in the movie “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. It was the first movie of the said series.
  • In next year, say 2002 he received his installment for the second movie of the Harry Potter series which was tremendously increased from 145000 dollars and reached up to the level of 3 million dollars. This amount was earned from his acting in the film Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets”.
  • He was continued to act in the next movie of the series and the amount of his remuneration became twice as bigger than that of the previous one and reached to 6 million dollars in the third film of the series. The name of the said film was “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”.
  • This increase kept on moving forward as the fees he received from the next film of the series approached the level of 11 million dollars. The name of this movie of the series was “Harry Potter and Goblet of fire”.
  • In year 2007, in 7th year of his acting in the series the said actor went higher and reached up to the level of 14 million dollars. He received this amount for acting in the film “Harry Potter and the Phoenix”.
  • The graph did not stopped moving up for the next movie of the series as well. The name of that part was Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows and this part was picturized in two movies one in year 2010 and other in year 2011. For these both parts he received 20 million dollars as his remuneration against his acting in these 2 parts each.
  • He did not only received this much amount but also was ranked in the list of highest paid celebrities at number 82 out of 100 celebrities. Though he is not in the list of Forbes rankings as he was dropped off from the list in year 2011.

Daniel Redcliff Net Worth earned from Theater:

Daniel Redcliff

The said young celebrity has already worked in the theater even before working in the world famous Harry Potter film series. He again steeped in to the theater work after getting free from that series and almost 4 million dollars in Daniel Redcliff Net Worth come from his stunning performances in the theater. The detail of major performances and addition to his net worth related to his work of his theater are as follows:

  • The acting in the play “Alan Strang in Equus”. This play was reboot of a play originally performed back in 1973. This play gave him only an advance amount of almost 3 million dollars.

 Daniel Redcliff Net Worth earned from movies other than Harry Potter:

The star has earned almost 50 % of his net worth from the movies and more of that was from Harry Potter Series but that was not the whole. He earned a large proportion of his net worth from other films. Most paying films of the star are as follows:

  • The Woman in black was another hit given by the star which was a fantasy horror movie released in year 2012.
  • He acted in and earned from another movie which was released in 2015 and was named as Victor Frankenstein.
  • Now has been working in movies :
  • Now You see me 2, the gamechangers, only connectin and BoJack Horseman in year 2015.

He has worked in the movie Imperium in 2016.

Daniel Redcliff Net Worth in comparison with net worth of other young celebrities:

  • Zayn Malik is 23 years old and has equal to 1/6th of the net worth of Daniel Redcliff.
  • The net worth of the costar of Harry Potter and age fellow Emma Watson is 36 % smaller than that of Daniel Redcliff.
  • The net worth of Ed Sheeran is also 40% smaller than that of Daniel Redcliff.
  • The net worth of another youngster who is 25 years old ha net worth equal to 65 million dollars which is 41% smaller than that of Daniel Jacob Redcliff.
  • Robert Pattinson is 29 years old star who has 95 million dollars as his net worth which is 14 % smaller than that of Daniel Redcliff.
  • Another 27 years old celebrity who is a music icon has 122 million dollars in her net worth is 10 % higher than that of Daniel Redcliff.

Daniel Redcliff Net Worth year wise:

  • In year 2001 the star earned a sum of 1 million dollars as his net worth.
  • In the year 2002 he received a total amount of salary almost 3 million dollars.
  • In year 2005 he earned 11 million dollars.
  • The star earned 23 million dollars in year 2006.
  • In year 2007 his salary was 15 million dollars.
  • In 2009 he earned almost 50 million dollars.
  • In the next year, year 2010 he earned a sum 55 million dollars.
  • In the recent year his total net worth has crossed 100 million figure and is recorded to be 110 million dollars.


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