Viladimir Putin

Top 10 Richest People of Russia

1. Viladimir Putin Viladimir Putin is the Russian President and named as the most powerful person in the world by Forbes 2015 most powerful person’s...
Valery Meladze

Top 10 Richest Celebrities of Russia

1. Girgory Leps Girgory Leps is the famous singer and songwriter of the Georgian origin. Girgory musical style has steadily changes from Russian chanson in...
Evgeni Malkin

Top 10 Richest Athletes of Russia

1. Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova is the worldwide famous and professional tennis player of Russia and also richest athletes of Russia and has estimated net...
Mitt Romney

Top 10 Richest Politicians in United States 2019

1. Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg is the current Mayor of the New York and serving his job for 15 years since 2001 and holding the...
Mark Zuckerburg

Top 10 Richest People of America

1. Bill Gates Bill Gates is the all time richest person not only in America but in all over the world for many years. He...
Jerry Seinfeld

Top 10 Richest celebrities of America

1. Jerry Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld has become the richest celebrity of America. He is an actor, producer and also a comedian and TV presenter. He...
Alex Rodriguez

Top 10 Richest American Athletes

1.Vince McMahon Vince McMahon is the retired international wrestler and also a commentator, actor, producer. He is well known for the promotion of professional wrestling...
Nawaz Sharif

Top 10 Richest Politicians of Pakistan 2019

1. Asif Ali Zardari Asif Zardari is the former president and the politician of Pakistan and also the Chairperson of the second largest political party...
Faisal Qureshi

Top 10 Richest Celebrities of Pakistan

1. Fawad Khan Fawad Khan is # 1 richest celebrity of Pakistan. He is well known and famous actor and work on both the television...
Shahid Afridi

Top 10 Richest Athletes of Pakistan

1. Jahangir Khan Jahangir Khan is the professional former squash player of Pakistan and also the former world # 1 squash player of the history....

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