Candy Spelling

Net Worth

$600 million

Candy Spelling net worth is $600 million. She is a famous book writer, columnist and TV personality. Apart from author and TV personality she is a very successful and active philanthropist. She belongs to a very rich family and her childhood was very memorable as different servants were there took care of her and she got everything she desired. She remained very close to her parents and lived her childhood in Beverly Hills that’s very famous place in America and mostly celebrities lives here. She got writing interest from her school age and she was good at writing stories and other different stuff. Means she has a natural talent of writing things on different topics. She has published many books and also writes for journals and columns.

Biography of Candy Spellings

Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling was born on September 20, 1945 to Carole Gene Marer in Beverley Hills, California, United States. She belongs to very rich family and you can just imagine that with how much care her family would have brought her up. She was very close to her father and she got interest in writing from early age which was backed up by his father. She got her early education from Beverley Hills High School and later graduated from here. She is professional author, philanthropist and TV personality. She works with her husband who is a producer over TV channel on a program named Bank of Hollywood. She also writes for writing in terms of columns for Huffington Post and

  • Original Name : Candy Spelling
  • Nick Name: Candy
  • Birth: September 20, 1945
  • Birth Place: Beverley Hills, California, United States
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inch
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Marital Status: Married with Aaron Spelling (1968-2006) Prior (Howard Fredrick Leveson 1963-1964)
  • Children: Two (Tori Spelling, Randy Spelling)
  • Education: Beverley Hills High School
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Occupation: Author, Philanthropist, TV personality
  • Wealth Source: Writings, Philanthropist, TV

She was firstly married with Howard Fredrick Leveson in 1963 but their married life never remained in peace and they face many issues. Due to all the issues they both got separated and then divorced right after one year in 1964. After remaining unsuccessful in her first married she again got married in order to try her luck once again in 1968 with Aaron Spelling. He is Hollywood Celebrity who is a famous director, producer and screen writer. It is said that in Candy Spelling net worth increase there is a solid hand of Aaron Spelling.

Earning Sources of Candy Spelling

Candy Spelling

  • Candy Spelling major earning sources are his writings that she published in journals, columns and websites. She has also released books and albums. Her book was recognized as no. 1 on the list for the year.
  • Apart from all these writings he receives huge amount in endorsements. Different companies put her on their magazine as their cover photo which is also a biggest source of income for her.
  • Next if we consider other things apart her net worth increases after she married Aaron Spelling and major part of Candy Spelling net worth rises when her husband died in 2006 and property and accounts transferred to her and her two children.
  • She has also increased her net worth by selling some of her property on profit.

Comparison of Candy Spelling net worth

Candy Spelling is considered as richest author on this planet. But how can we believe that she is the richest until we don’t compare its wealth with others. So for clearing this point of view we have collected data of Candy Spelling net worth and other authors and TV personalities. Results of the comparison are explained in detail in the lower section. If you are interested in knowing who is ahead and who is behind Candy Spellings then view the details below.

  • Alice Walker net worth is almost half of the assets of Candy Spellings
  • Toni Morrison net worth is $24 million which is 25 times smaller than Candy Spelling
  • Philip Roth net worth is almost 60 times smaller than Candy Spelling net worth
  • Stephen King is also a richest author who has a net worth of $400 million but comparing his net worth with Candy Spellings results 1.5 times lower assets
  • Cormac McCarthy net worth is around $35 million which is almost 17 times littler than Candy Spelling
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford net worth is almost the half of candy spelling total assets
  • Bill O Reilly net worth is $70 million which is almost 8.5 times littler than Candy Spelling

After the careful analysis of the above data one can clearly say that she is really the richest author on this planet. All other famous authors have net worth lower than Candy Spellings.


Candy Spelling net worth is $600 million. She is a famous author, Philanthropist, Columnist and TV personality.  Major sources of her net worth are her writings for different columns, websites, journals and magazines. Moreover she has earned handsome amount from endorsing different magazines covers and TV shows.



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