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$ 450 Million


Bruce Springsteen net worth is $450 million. He is a famous American professional singer, songwriter and music producer. He started his music career in 1975 and his album “Born to run” received a lot of recognition and he became popular among his fans. His second album was “Born in USA” which became even more popular than previous one and broke the record of previous sales. After that Bruce never stopped and moved ahead and crosses many bridges of success. His every coming album broke the record of previous albums. He was nominated 49 times in Grammy awards and he won 20 awards. This is a biggest achievement for any of the singer who performs on stage and releases albums. His latest album which was released in 2012/13 sales crossed $35 million. He has made many contracts with Colombian records which gave his net worth a boost and his current salary per year is $80 million.

Biography of Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen was born on September 23, 1949 in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States of America. His complete name given to him on his birth is Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen. His parents brought him up in the same area he was born and he got his early education from the Freehold Country high school which is located in Long Branch, New Jersey, United States of America. During his school life he got interest of singing and he started singing on school platform and functions wherever he got the chance. He grew up a tall 5 feet 10 inch young boy and with a good looking figure of balanced weight of 79 Kg. He moved to Ocean Country College for higher studies and at the same time he joined two small bands in which he performs on different parties’ functions and at late night pub dances. After that he got a chance to enter in music industry wholly solely and he signed a contract with Colombian records.

  • Complete Name: Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen
  • Nick Name: Bruce, Joseph, James, The Boss
  • Birth: September 23, 1949
  • Born at: Long Branch, New Jersey, United States of America
  • Height: 5 feet and 10 inch
  • Weight: 79 kg.
  • Relationship Status: Married twice (Julianne Phillips 1985-1989, Patti Scialfa 1991-present)
  • Children: Three (Evan, Jessica and Samuel)
  • Education: Freehold High School, Ocean Country College
  • Nationality: United States of America
  • Ethnicity: Dutch-Italian-Irish
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter and music producer
  • Wealth Source: Music

Bruce Springsteen earned a lot of respect from all over the world, his fans are not just constrained only in America but he has fan following all over the world and people loved his music. According to different analysis his fan base is stronger as compared to any other singer that might be the main reason behind his record music sales and high level of net worth. Now moving from his professional life to his personal life his personal life also seems quite successful. He married to Julianne Phillips in 1985 but to misunderstanding between them the marriage doesn’t last longer and ended in 1989. Then he again got married and tried his luck, this time he got married with Patti Scialfa in 1991 which proved to be quite lucky for Bruce and both are living a sound and happy life till present. Bruce Springsteen has three children and names of the children are Evan, Jessica and Samuel.

Comparison of Bruce Springsteen net worth

Bruce Springsteen net worth is $450 million which seems quite higher for a singer. He started his music career in 1964 and is still in business. There are many other singers who perform through the platform of Hollywood, some are old and few are young guns like Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and Edward Maya. All of these singers mentioned above are top rated singers and have highest fan following but I have read many articles that Bruce Springsteen fan following is much greater than other singers and he has higher net worth. That’s why we have collected data of net worth of famous top rated singers and compared it Bruce Springsteen in order to know that where he stands in net worth chart of Hollywood. Results of the comparison are given below in detail.

  • Justin Bieber net worth is 1.8 times smaller Compared to Bruce Springsteen
  • Bruno Mars net worth is 4.4 times smaller than net worth of Bruce Springsteen
  • Michael Jackson net worth is 1.8 times greater than total assets of Bruce Springsteen
  • Elvis Presley net worth is 1.5 time lower than net worth of Bruce Springsteen
  • Enrique Iglesias net worth is 5.3 times littler than Bruce Springsteen net worth
  • Jay Z net worth is 1.4 times greater than net worth of Bruce Springsteen
  • Bruce Springsteen net worth is about the half compared to John Lennon net worth
  • David Browie net worth is 1.9 times smaller than Bruce Springsteen
  • Prince total assets are 1.5 times smaller compared to Bruce Springsteen total assets

From the above results it’s quite clear that Bruce Springsteen is one of the most richest singers in the world. His net worth is only lower than Jay Z, Michael Jackson and John Lennon but his net worth is quite higher compared to other famous singers of Hollywood.


Bruce Springsteen net worth is $450 million. He is a professional American singer, songwriter, music producer and endorser. He has achieved heights of success in his career by achieving 20 awards and nomination for 49 times as best singer in the world. Which is a greater achievement and no other singer is still able to break his record. His nets worth major sources are music and endorsements deals that he made like any other celebrities with different brands.


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