Pencil play important role in daily life it used for writing and drawing purposes students need this pencil initially for work authors and writer also use mistake are occurs and easily remove due to pencil writing.

It made with wood and designed by many types available in various colors, size, designed, styles with high quality and good appearance. Some pencil brands produced high quality products all the time some of them are very oldest companies but never compromise quality and continuously produce with best and innovative ways and satisfied the customers demand.

Staedtler pencil brand and one of the top oldest company which history related to 16th century but now days it become more popular all over the one with finest quality and unique logo designs. In this world large numbers of pencil brands introduced but some are more famous and best in all aspect this product.

Here is the list of top 10 best pencil brands in the world 2021.

10. Staedtler

Staedtler brand is oldest brand of united state which is popular as best pencil brand in the world this brand established by Germany in 1835 by the J.S Staedtler they produced different shapes of pencils, like round shape, triangle, hexagonal and jumbo triangle shape. All pencil of this brand manufactured with different type of logo that make is unique and special from other pencil brand these pencil also available in various size, colors, styles, logos, shapes and many other stylish form.

9. Palomino

Palomino pencil made with graphite due to its high quality core it provide soft writing and drawing and it never broken it is used by everyday users and writers with finest quality and feature of change the erasers. It is available in four different body colors like black, white, grey and red with ability of replace the erasers any time it has a seven addition and last one is available with golden body. It was established in 2003 in California and 2012 it start working and manufacturing with all new products and features dedicated to students, writers, teachers and others.

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8. Aurora

Aurora pencil brand famous globally due to good appearance and high quality product this brand belong to Italy this was introduced in 1919 and produced same standard product all the time. They also produced fountain pen, paper and leather product they produced 1.46 million US Dollar pens which is manufactured with 2000 diamond. Aurora pencil always fulfills nicely the requirement of customers aurora sketch pencil have finest quality and appealing design. They produced fine writing material this pencil mostly used by author and writers.

7. Columbia

It is very oldest brand that was established in 1931 originally located in City Rd, Sydney and imported carbon paper and inked ribbon initially but now this brand fulfill the requirement of all writing and drawing but it considered as best pencil brand in the world with good high quality and pretty design. It was founded by G.H Horton and increase manufacturing in 1940 with new and unique design at Lane Cove, Sydney, and Australia and became only one unique pencil manufacturing company in the Southern Hemisphere they never compromise on quality and reliability of pencils.

6. Linton

Linton brand start manufacturing in 1930 in Lewisburg USA this company are famous for the best pencil due to good quality and design especially in pencils but change ownership after few years and become part of Sanford Corporation in 1939 still part of this company. Pencils are available in many colors with affordable prices this company also produce many products like other writing instruments, ball pens, fountain pens, erasers, rubber bands, chalks, and many more which are very famous all around the globe with good reputation.

5. General Pencil Company

One of the oldest companies of pencils is general company that was introduced in 1889 by the Oscar A. Weissenborn in Jersey America with the original name the pencil exchange face struggle during world war and in 1923 it became a general pencil company and very famous all over the world as a best pencil company. General pencil company six generation of family business of Oscar it successful due to good combination of worker and employees who fulfill the need of consumers with best ways and no compromise on quality of products.

4. Camlin Color Pen Pencils, Multicolour, Pack of 12

Another Indian best pencil in the world is Camlin which is based in Mumbai it was introduced in 1931 Camlin brand also produce art material, marker pens, fountain pens, ink, and other stationary items. This brand initially start as Dandekar & Co with the horse brand it became public limited company in 1988 and received popularity around the globe due high quality product in May 2011 japan stationery company Kokuyo S&T hold almost 50% stake in Camlin world best pencil brand. This brand produces pencils with the features of grip for comfortable writing, trendy tip, built in eraser and available in various five color.

3. Apsara

Apsara is pencil of India it was established in 1958 and exported more than 50 countries it is biggest Indian brand and declare as a best pencil brand in the world they produce other writing material and stationary products. This brand produce almost 8 million pencils for extra dark writing with the mission of delighting customers all over the world they also produce sharpeners, erasers and pens. They manufactured high quality products with great research and development always use good raw material prices are reasonable for all products of Apsara.

2. Adel

Adel first time established in 1969 in Istanbul, Kartal it has high quality very famous in Turkey and all over the world with great success, in 1995 it make partnership with oldest pencil company Faber Castell which is also world best company in term of pencil manufacturing. Adel is declaring as best pencil brand in the world due to higher quality product with reasonable price in 2013 Adel introduced new brand children oriented “Adeland” this brand introduced many new record breaking good quality children products which are famous in world in short period of time. Adel increase 15 % sale during the 2015 and receiving more growth rapidly.

1. Pentel graph gear 1000 pencil

Private Japanese company that produce stationary product but more famous for the best pencil brand in the world with great quality and attractive design. Product are manufactured mostly in Japan, Taiwan and France, this brand introduced by Yukio Horie in 1947 as a Japan stationery company limited but he is died in the year of 2010. This pencil has feature of expertly crafted ergonomic metallic barrel with soft and comfortable grip, 0.3 mm lead points for more fine drawing and writing, and self sharpening super hi-polymer lead with eraser it available with pocket grip.


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