Beautiful Mehndi Event picture of Shahveer Jafry And Ayesha

Beautiful Mehndi Event picture of Shahveer Jafry And Ayesha

As we all know about Shahveer jafry, which is a very famous pakistani youtuber and creates funny and entertaining videos. He is a Pakistani national but now a days living in canada. He has own creativity and he creates unique content for his youtube channel. In simplae words you can say that he is a professional vlogger.

If you visit his youtube channel and watch his videos you will see that mostly of his videos is funny and with his famaily like his brother or mother.

Here you can say that his mother is also supportive and supporting him in all manners. The brother of shahveer jafry is also a youtuber and the mother of shahveer jafry also supports both of her sons.

You will surprise to hear that shahveer jafry youtube channel has three million subscribers, means that there are three million people all around the world who loves him. This three million figure of peoples who loves shaveer, is only on youtube platform. There are many million followers and likers on other social media platforms.
Along with this passion and hobby he also running his own apparel brand, which is known as “pigsty”. As he is a famous personality the abrar ul haq which is famous singer of pakistan, assign him in his song “chamkeeli”.
Shahveer jafry lives in canada but he also married with a pakistani girl Ayesha Baig in Islamabad which is also a fashion designer. Zahid Ali T which is a best friend of shahveer jafry also came to pakistan to attend the marriage cermony of shahveer jafry. Zahid ali T is also a well known pakistani youtuber and living in canada.

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