Ex US President Barack Obama Net Worth


Net Worth

$ 31.5 million


Barack Obama net worth is $12.5 million. He is ex-president of United States of America. He has served America as a head of the states till 10 years and has recently lost his seat and ended his tenure. Prior to this Obama was lecturer at Chicago law school and senator at the same time. These two roles gave him multiple salaries and increased his net worth, after that he got selected as president of United States and his average salary for this role was $0.5 million a year. But people have raised a question that how $0.5 million earning people can makes his net worth equal to $12.5 million? The answer is that he has made his investments wisely in treasury bills and marketable securities those are the major reason behind increase in his net worth.

Biography of Barack Obama

Ex US President Barack Obama Net Worth

Barack Obama was born on August 04, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United states of America. He was born to Barack Obama sr. complete name of Barack Obama is Barack Hussein Obama and he claims that his ancestors belongs to both Muslim and Christian ancestry. Barack Obama was just 3 years old when his parents divorced each other and he moved to Jakarta with his mother as she got married to an Indonesian. When he was 10 years old he came back to Hawaii and started his education and then moved to Occidental college and graduated from here. After that he moved to Columbians University in New York and graduated in political science and international relations from there.

  • Original Name: Barack Hussein Obama
  • Nick Name: Barack Obama
  • Birth Date: August 04, 1961
  • Birth Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, United states of America
  • Height: 6 feet 0 inch
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Marital Status: Married to Michelle Obama since 1992
  • Children: Two (Malia and Sasha)
  • Education: University of Michigan
  • Nationality: Columbians University, Occidental college, Harvard University
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Occupation: Professor, politician, ex-US president
  • Wealth Source: University, US President salary

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After getting political science degree Barack Obama moved to Harvard University and graduated in law from there. He has served as law professor and as a senator to illusionist. Keeping apart his professional life if we look at his personal life than his early life seems troublesome but after that his personal life seems quite successful. He was in love with his coworker Michelle Obama and after three years of relationship both got married in 1992 and have two daughters Malia and Sasha. Both have a good chemistry and understanding with each other and living a very peaceful and happy life.

Earning sources of Barack Obama

Ex US President Barack Obama Net Worth

Barack Obama has been a professor of law and a senator at Illusionist at the same time and these two jobs gave him handsome salaries, after that he got elected as president of United States of America which gave him $0.5 million a year in salary. More details about his earnings are given below.

  • In 2004, Obama was profiting off two pay rates the he was procuring from being the Senator of Illinois and also educating as a speaker in at the University of Chicago Law School. He was acquiring a compensation of $80,287 from the State Senate Job and 32,144 from the University Lecturing position. For both occupations, he has a retirement plan of around 100,000 dollars.
  • In 2005, Obama got a propel installment on a book arrangement to compose the book “Daringness of Hope” this progression was a piece of the sovereignties he was to be paid for the book once it begins making deals. The Publishers were certain that it would succeed given the accomplishment of his first book, “Longs for my dad which sold out after he gave a Key Note deliver which moved him to big name status in 2004 and that book sold out.
  • 2006 was a crusade year and despite the fact that a considerable measure of cash more likely than not gone towards his battle, he likewise contributed a great deal of the cash he made off the sovereignties in treasury charges worth an expected 1 million dollars.
  • In 2009 due to his philosophy as President of the United States with an emphasis on exchange rather than military intercessions, Barrack Obama won the Nobel Peace prize which accompanies a money reward of 1.4 million dollars in spite of the fact that he gave this to various philanthropies.
  • Obama is likewise connected to the buy of prime property in Hawaii which is the place he calls home with an expected an incentive in a huge number of dollars which will expand his total assets alongside a third book discharged after his term in office lapses.

Comparison of Barack Obama

Barack Obama has earned his net worth from his salaries and wise able investments in treasury bills and marketable securities. It’s difficult to compare Barack Obama with others because he has remained as president of USA and it’s difficult to collect data of previous presidents of USA data but somehow we have managed it and the results of the comparison are given below.

  • Jimmy Carter net worth is $5 million which is 1.4 times smaller than Barack Obama
  • Bill Clinton net worth is $80 million which is 6.5 times greater than Barack Obama
  • George H.W Bush net worth is almost double compared to Barack Obama assets
  • George Bush net worth is also double than Barack Obama total assets
  • Ronald Reagan net worth is also the same as the total worth of Barack Obama
  • Donald Trump net worth is $3.7 billion which is higher than all other presidents of USA


Barack Obama net worth is $12.5 million. He is ex American president whose average salary was almost $0.5 million a year. Before becoming president of USA he was professor of law at university and at the same time he was senator at Illusionist. His wisely investments in marketable securities and treasury bills made his net worth that much higher.

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